Just imagine, the End Term examinations are just two days away. You haven’t maintained a single page of notes since the very first day of the semester, and same is the case with your classmates. All you are left with is a bundle of books to study from, and no time. You don’t really remember what your teachers taught in class. You are completely confused and there is nobody to teach you now.

Well, wasn’t this scary? Relax my friend, you still have ample of time left. Did this scenario make you realize the importance of taking notes in the class? I’m sure it did, maybe a little bit!

General Reminder: Notes are underestimated, but essential.

Most of the students don’t really find it necessary to take notes during the class, because they feel that listening to the teacher would be sufficient. But let me remind you, you may not remember what you listened to, but you will surely remember what you wrote while carefully listening to what was being taught. When you write while studying, the lesson is already half fit in your brain. Not only this, taking notes has many other advantages too. Here I have listed a few of them.

  • If you take notes, you have a complete written record of everything that was taught in the class, so that when exams approach, you have to worry less. You will not feel the lack of information.
  • Self-made notes give you maximum satisfaction. This is psychological, you will always easily grasp what you wrote according to your perception and understanding, while you were being taught.
  • Notes add additional knowledge to the bookish contents. You will always have some extra points to add, because notes help you to relate both of them with each other.
  • We all have classmates who don’t really want to study. Also, we have classmates who always ask us to teach them in the last minute. For these people, notes are life savers! They at least have something to study, because they are too lazy to open the books and read everything detailed.
  • Notes save you from failing. In case you couldn’t study as much as you were supposed to, you will still find a ray of hope because of them. You can have two or three quick reads and pass your examination with some extra marks. Trust me, this is really satisfactory!
  • When you make notes of everything, you become a good listener automatically. It also invests trust in the teacher’s mind and he/she feels the satisfaction of students actually paying attention.

So, could I convince you to make notes during lectures? It isn’t too late, my friend. Start making notes from the next lecture itself. You will thank me later.


-Sakshi Aneja

“On the constant Mission of Wisdom Discovery. Philophile, Nyctophile and immensely Philozoic. Using my Pen to fill Life into the Plethora of my Thoughts, I am a Learner, a Music Lover and a Kid at Heart.”