Although my dictionary defines music as vocal tones in structured and continuous manner, I think there is more to music. Do you remember that time when you were sad and lonely and you turned to music? Can you go through those happy moments when you were dancing to a specific tune? There is music for every period we experience and if you ask me music adds colour to life. I personally have songs I was listening to at some point and now they bring memories. I think this happens to everyone. If not, well… I don’t know which rock you’ve been living under.

The Power Of Music

Music is sort of like books, it’s where the old and experienced share their knowledge. Music gives lessons with emotion and these are the lessons we hardly forget. I remember sharing the song ‘No man is an island‘ by The script in one of my earlier writings. This is a song that opened my eyes to the fact that seeking help doesn’t make you a loser. I know you’ve songs that have taught you something as well, so I guess we agree here.

One of the things that bring cheers is music. In my view, I don’t think a party would be a party without music. That applies to almost every happy event. Music accompanies couples down the aisle, what can be more cheerful than that? On the other hand, music doesn’t only spice up joyful environments, it heals the broken one too. As it takes a wrecked soul into its lyrics, one realizes that he or she isn’t the first person to struggle hence brings hope. Music in all its abilities can heal.

I think it would be weird to talk about what music can do and not talk about money. There tons of people that are earning a living off music. Starting from the artists, producers, to the distributors. It has provided a lot of job opportunities and hey! Don’t underrate anything that brings money.

As much as I would like to keep on talking about music, let me wind up by saying that every good thing has its bad side. Just as music brings joy to our souls, it can damage us as well. I would suggest you observe your playlist and make it as positive as you can. You’re what you listen to, don’t take music lightly it has the power to bring change. So let us use its power to benefit ourselves.