The Sheldon Cooper in Our Life


Have you ever encountered a real life Sheldon Cooper? If your answer is ‘no’, maybe you need to look deeper, so let’s trace backwards. To begin with, think of all the people in your life who are self obsessed, love to be with you all the time but will never admit their addiction, enjoy being a kid and the perks that come with it, have a hard time understanding sarcasm, are scared of new places or any major change, fussy about foody, choosy about the seat they will travel on, but so sharp that they are your enquiry centre.

I hope you can trace all of this to at least one person in your life and if not, I’m sorry that you are missing out on a lot of fun.

These people demand many things like undivided attention, pampering and to a great extent you need to be like minded, share some things in common be it something tragic in both your lives, or even just a favourite novelist, preferred music or movie genre. It all starts from being friends and then if you ‘qualify’ you will be given the position of a Penny or a Leonard.

All the fans of Big Bang Theory will surely be able to understand what I have said so far, and those who have not watched this series, I recommend you do it pronto! Then come back to this article, to truly enjoy it.

Well, my Sheldon needs me, so I gotta rush. More updates on this are coming up, stay connected.