The Universal Language


This particular write-up isn’t about any specific language as a whole. Although the literal meaning of the sentence ‘The universal language’ suggests something related to the language being spoken by people around the world (But let’s not take this literally…☺). It’s something more profound and beautiful, and something which we can all relate to at any point in our life. It’s something which defies race, color, gender, country, community, class, and any other word which clubs people into different categories. It’s something that connects people from very different worlds, and allows them to share a mutual bond of understanding, love, happiness, and trust. I believe that ‘Music’ is the universal language, and it brings people together to share a common idea of understanding and appreciation.

Music has being playing wonders and magic in human life throughout time. There is an enigmatic charisma in music that soothes the human soul. It relates to every situation in our life, and in a re-telling of our joys and sorrows it makes us feel comforted and less alone. It speaks to and of our deepest feelings, and gives expression to thoughts forgotten, suppressed, or unacknowledged. Magical language is what it is.

Music has no limitations or restrictions or boundaries to the souls that long to experience and savor its unending wonders. It sees no denominations or differences, but instead brings people together towards a better common understanding and interest.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” – Plato