Are you a singer, or passionate about singing but never got a chance to prove yourself? If yes, then you just clicked on the right link!

You must be familiar that student organizations at LPU are always ready to bring new things, adventures, and platforms for you to get yourself busy being entertained and finding a successful path amid all this entertainment. I don’t think any other university, at least in India, organizes these many events as much as LPU does! Not some minor events, but from intra-university to national and international events.

One such national event is arriving at your room/ studio, an e-singing national competition, ‘THE VIRAL VOICE’. A student organization FACTUM is organizing this grand event, where national and international eminent musicians are going to be the judges. Isn’t that exciting? You can perform from your home, no traveling charges, no charges for temporary residence, and still a substantial national-level platform to show your talent, with additional benefits (keep reading)!

This event will start from 28th September 2020 and will last till 8th October 2020, so no rash judgments will be made. It is the first time in the history of LPU that an e-singing competition cum show has been organized.

So, let’s begin with further details:

What is the Process?

First, you will need to register and upload a video for an audition. Then there will be 3 rounds, 3rd being the final one. There will also be the wildcard entry, i.e. participants directly participating in round 2, based on their audition. The entire detailed structure for the event and its various rounds is mentioned below:


You just have to pay Rs 50 as the registration fee and register here. Mention the correct details and attach the screenshot of the payment in the registration form itself. (registration open till 27th September 2020 only!)


You will be asked to submit a recorded video as an audition. Your audition clips will be uploaded on the social media handles of FACTUM (@factumlpu). Out of these, the top 70% of the participants will be selected for further rounds based on online voting.

These 70% -participants will be divided into two groups. Group 1: top 50% and Group 2: rest 20%. Group 1 will be participating in ROUND-1, while the Group 2 participants will be further shortlisted for Wildcard Entry, directly in ROUND-2.


Only about 4% participants out of that 20% will be selected for the ROUND-2 (they won’t be participating in ROUND-1), based on the online voting, the portal for which will be open for 24 hours on FACTUM’s YouTube channel.

4. ROUND-1

The top 20% of the shortlisted participants will be selected by the judges which will further go for ROUND-2

5. ROUND-2

From this round, the top 8% of singers will take part in the FINALE. The selection criteria for this round are quite different. The combination of the audience polling and the points from the judges will be the deciding factor for sending the participants to the FINALE.


The selected singers will show their talent and compete against the singers across the nation and judges will choose the winner(s)/ runner-up(s)!

What’s in it for the participants and the winner?

The winner will get a certificate of recognition, shoutout by the celebs, and the prizes up to 5000+ INR. This will include:

  • Goodies (up to 3000 INR)
  • Cash prize (up to 2000 INR)
  • Gift voucher (up to 1000 INR)
  • Discount voucher (up to 2000 INR)

Apart from these, everyone will be awarded a ‘certificate of participation’ and every participant will get the chance to interact with the judges and the guests!

Who are going to be the judges and who are the special guests?

Very eminent personalities who have become the sensation of the musical world are going to judge and guide you. The judges/guests are:

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a passion for singing, get yourself registered. Consider this to be your initial step towards your dream. And good luck!