A thought came into my mind a few hours ago that why and what is the reason that we always find ourselves roaming around the fact the world is not fair enough to survive at ease. It is hard to find a common humanitarian mindset amongst people these days. Why is it always that the ones you shed faith and trust upon are the only souls to destroy your inner wellbeing and resilience?

Well, we live in a world where the society tells you what is right and what is not. We live in the culture where killing a wild animal is a crime but killing strays for religion is a rightful act. It could have been hard to tell that what is right and what is wrong if there was no society right?

What if I told you that nothing is right, or nothing is wrong if there was no one to judge? What if I told you that to everything you do, is someway or the other, striking both aspects of right and wrongdoings. I think no one is wrong at their stances, from a person who is donating 3/4th of his earnings to the needy and poor to the ones who are murderers and killers. It may sound offending and out of the logic but we have to understand that no one could kill someone without a reason. Even if he is psychologically abnormal, he has a reason that he is not mentally fit to make the decisions of what is legal and what is considered as a crime.

fair unfair

Let me give you an example, everyone is at an adage that the terrorists of ISIS are the most brutal souls present in this entire world but let me put their situation in a more relatable form- there was a man who used to work at the Syrian Petroleum Industry. His day was going well and he was satisfied with all that he had. One day, when he returned from workplace to his home, he found out that there was nothing but pieces of rocks, concrete, powdered cement and metal rods. His eyes were filled with a flood of tears and rage. He then started to move rocks to find that whether his family is stuck inside alive or not. It was the worst doomsday that he could imagine as his brother, mother and father were all dead and stuck between the heavy metal rods and sheets. Filled with overburdened anger, he tried to investigate that who actually did this. To his surprise, it was Americans who had air stricken the area of and around his house. With the thought of vengeance, he then joined the ISIS who provided him with weapons and armoury with a sole motive of killing the American armies.

fair unfair

Now would you say that he is wrong in his situation, if yes then jump into his shoes? With a country where no judiciary is present to provide justice, only vengeance and revenge works, right? So nothing is fair, from ample level of fake help to the extremes of violence, from a friend betraying you to that friend fighting for you.

The world would never retain fairness, it could only illusionise the being of harmony, humanity and humbleness. So, don’t wait for anyone to be fair, start being fair with what you have and what you do so that you could be a mirror for the surroundings. Now if you think that one being can never make a difference, believe in the sayings that, “If you think you cannot make a difference by your own, try sleeping with a mosquito which can ruin your entire night.”

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