Who doesn’t love a good old mystery? Mankind has always been awed by the unknown and mysteries are one of the few things that kept us appalled throughout the ages. But mysteries are just fairy tales, right? If we have the sound explanation of science, mysteries can be solved. Right? Although this might be true for most situations, there are few exceptions. Given below are the most mysterious places on planet Earth.  These places are so mysterious, science can’t even comprehend all that’s going around there.

  1. Aokighara, Japan

japan forest - mysterious places on earth
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Located at the base of Mount Fuji, Aokighara is the most renowned forest in all of Japan. The forest is said to be haunted by legends of ghosts and spirits from the Nether Realm. This thick, gnarled forest is also the second most famous suicide spot in the world.

  1. Lake Anjikuni

Angikuni_Lake - mysterious places on earth

Located in Nunavut, Canada, Lake Anjikuni has been a sight of mystery since the 1930s. A fur trapper, in the early 1930s reported that the lake had been abandoned, and no animals or human life could be found in the village near it. The huts in the village had pots of food still hanging above cold fires, and several huts had animal skin clothing, still being mended, and the needle and thread were still in it. It was concluded that the villagers had fled the village, but the reason for the sudden abandoning of the village is still yet to be found.

  1. The Devil Sea

devil's sea japan - mysterious places on earth

The locals call this area the Dragon’s Triangle(Ma No Umi), as there is an old folklore stating the dragons live off the coast of Japan. Located off the coast of Tokyo, the Devil Sea is a very mysterious place and is the source of many tragic accidents. In 1952, the Japanese Government sent a crew to investigate the Dragons Triangle, but sadly the crew and the ship was never found.

  1. The Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle - mysterious places on earth
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Truly infamous and has a reputation for being the worst out of this bunch, this triangular area might just be the most mysterious place on Earth. The Bermuda Triangle is in the Atlantic Ocean, between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan. This area is the sight of various disappearances, UFO sightings and absurd weather conditions.

  1. Area 51

Area 51 - mysterious places on earth
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Located in South Nevada, USA, Area 51 is a man-made mystery. The US government built this Secret Military Base, and this area is said to be home to aliens, UFOs and what not. All we know for sure, is that the AREA 51 is highly secure and whatever is happening in there is something that the ability to change the way we view our universe.