An era where we get to face approximately 3500 questions every day, there still lies a bunch of questions which are easy to understand, easy to recognise but are very difficult to answer. Though science has reached out to answer such questions to a great extent but still we cannot answer the whole process.

So here are the top 5 weirdest but difficult questions of all time:

  1. Does light take the place of darkness or darkness takes the place of light?

This question was initially asked by the great scientist Thomas Young. The question seems very simple but the essence of the question is very hard to answer. It asks whether light is there in the first place and darkness takes its position or darkness is the one that is all around and light takes the place of it. This question is frequently asked in the interviews of the companies like Google just to test the reasonability of the person.

  1. Why is water wet?

A question that is very common amongst people and is considered to be a mere hilarious thing to think of. But going into a deeper thought, this question does make some sense. Why is that water is wet and it feels wetty? Science tried a lot to clear the idea behind this phenomenon to a great extent but still, people don’t believe in the logical reasoning. According to a lot of experts, sensing wetness if just a term for a sensory system of the human body to liquids.

  1. Why is fire hot?

This is a question which comes to my mind a lot of times when I encounter myself with fire. About 7 months ago, I was making myself a bowl of Maggie. When I turned the fire nob, a thought struck my mind that why is fire so hot and from where does the heat come. Scientists have proved that fire is exothermic, and it releases heat to the nearby surroundings. According to scientist Albert Shennings, “Fire is hot because the energy stored in fuel is released suddenly. The energy required to start the chemical reaction is much less than the energy released”, but still the question lies that why does this happen.

  1. Who came first, Chicken or the Egg?

This is a question which is prevailing since 700 BC. The sound of this question is so hilarious and engulfed in humour, this question is always taken lightly but yet requires a deep thought. Since ages, people are thinking about who came first, hen or the egg. Most of the public believes that an egg is what came first but still no one can prove it on the hard grounds.

  1. If you pinch yourself and it hurts, are you too strong or too weak?

It is the same question as the toaster in the freezer. Suppose that a toaster is kept inside a freezer, if the freezer gets hot then it is not working and if the toaster freezes then it is not working instead. This question is yet another brain teaser for a lot of personal interviews. Interviewers find it fascinating to ask this question and get the details of how much the interviewee is reasonable.     

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