#VertosPledge2018 : A Global Initiative by LPUAA Bengaluru


What is #VertosPledge2018?


First of its kind, Global Initiative to promote Zero Tolerance towards Sexual Harassment esp. females.

Vertos is a Latin word that means, “The Change Makers”. We strongly believe that we all Vertos hold the ability to bring big changes for the welfare of society.

Pledge in this Campaign plays a significant role as it is just not about writing or signing a pledge on a mere piece of paper or to sign it on big banners. Neither it is about promoting it on social media nor it is about Candle March and Social Protests.

 #VertosPledge2018 is a remainder for the promise that you all will make to your consciousness. A promise that  “I will not engage in such a crime and will ensure that none of my friends, family, siblings or people around me, are engaging in this crime and if I see anything like this happening around me, I will try to be the first one to come forward and stop it from happening.”

2018 is the year in which we will set a goal, the year we make a promise and the year we will raise our voice for this cause and will try to make a significant difference in coming years.

Who initiated this project?

The project has been initiated by the team of 8 like-minded founding members of LPUAA-Bangaluru.

Dr. Loviraj Gupta, Executive Dean, LFTS – LPU officially launched #VertosPledge2018 on 24th Feb. It was launched as a Video Message that went viral on Facebook, Youtube and other social platforms.

Also Dr. Ramesh Kanwar, Honourable Vice Chancellor LPU paid his mighty presence at 6th Bengaluru Alumni Reunion held on the same day i.e. 24th Feb and inaugurated this pledge by taking the pledge and releasing the #VertosPledge2018 banner to reach various Alumni Chapters and Alma Mater too.

Foundation and Idea of #VertosPledge2018

The foundation of VertosPledge2018 is built upon a small signature campaign wherein Alumni, Faculty and Students from LPU jotted down their Pledge and messages in support of Zero Tolerance towards Female Sexual Harassment.

It began with a heart throbbing message from a Bengaluru based Alumni that a close friend had been unfortunately Sexually-Harassed during day time in one of the posh places of interest for women in Bengaluru.The Alumni requested the LPUAA-BLR team to speak up on this case and issue related to this in the upcoming Bengaluru Reunion on 24th Feb 2018. The motto was to make Bengaluru based Alumni and friends aware that city is no more safe even during the day time and that they all must be careful and concerned enough for their near and dear ones.

The aim of #VertosPledge2018


The issue that is growing at an alarming rate in our society. The issue that we all are concerned about as it is not age specific crime and involves one’s daughter, mother, sibling and better half. The cruelty associated with this crime has breached the inhumane approach of Social-Animals. As this is a Global issue; Support, Motivation and Input from the friends across Borders is a major need and the major aim of this project.

Aims stated by the Alumni team are:

(1) to raise awareness via special-workshops/ movie screenings/ animations/ plays, among general public esp. age groups 13-35 years, i.e. schools to universities, from students through faculty to parents, about their legal rights and the present laws which ensure that no one tries to Sexually/otherwise harass anyone, esp. Females.

(2) to motivate and encourage civil society, bureaucracy, legislators and the lawmakers – to draft a strict laws, more strict and swift punishment to convicts and the justice be served in time, on fast track basis to victims,

(3) to ensure no other Nirbhaya or Asifa cases happen in society; may their souls rest in peace.

(4) to work with law enforcement agencies, seek their best support and cooperation in such sensitive cases.

(5) to provide self-defense training to both males and females should they be or witness such a situation.

(6) to ensure social animals, humans, retain their humanity and that we prevent ourselves from turning into creatures, even wild-animals would be ashamed and afraid of.

(7) to send a message at a global level, that we (“the so-called good people”) are not going to tolerate any Sexual Harassment esp. with females.

(8) to have the correct knowledge, training and skills to at least be able to save our own sisters, daughters, mothers, friends, life-partners from any such unfortunate incidents.


Want to Support?

Take a pledge to support this issue and post your pledge using the hashtag #VertosPledge2018

Person to Reach:  

President LPUAA Bengaluru: Syed Burhanuldin Byhaqi

(Mobile – +91 77100 35699)