Cape Crusader aka Batman is my favorite Superhero for life. The obsession is outrageous. I have a wall art to fantasize about.

And this has now become a drug. This is an amazing hold-up that now I am ODing. I go through a lot of discussions over the science behind this marvelous DC character. He’s not just a fictional character in one of those random superhero movies, but also a way to lead a true and honest life from a wider perspective of vision. Batman is my young love. What fascinates me is the Science! Yes, the science is truly enlightening. Let’s have a look.

  • The Flight

The flight is actually a glide. There is no rocketman tech. The suit comes with batwings made with the fabric layered with small electrical wires which get all charged up. The glide inflates when arms are wide open. In DC comics, there’s some mention of a switch on the wrist of Batman with which a set of wings with a rigid framework is tied behind the back. But that’s an old tech. Currently, this is how the gliding works.

The glide helps hover from the tower tops to the manhole dumps, and that wide expansion is such a beauty to behold.

  • The Batmobile

This is a life-size working model of the Batmobile, the vehicle with which he shows up in the coolest way possible. The Batman Dark Knight Trilogy curated by Christopher Nolan was made famous by this remarkable beauty. Nolan made this masterpiece which would later transform to a Batpod. It catches 0-60 MPH in mere 2.7 seconds. It is loaded with all the latest tech and gadgets, which are not even in the reach of Secret Agencies.

  • The Batpod

The Batpod above is also from The Dark Knight trilogy by Chris Nolan. He literally put life into Batman and me. The details and the mechanism of batpod are remarkable. It gets detached when the Batmobile is close to be tolled off.

The wheels in this are of Batmobile itself. It is a subset of Batmobile. Also, it is great at taking hard turns, has a strong suspension with a parachute attached at the rear end.

  • The Bat Cave

Ok, so this is my favorite.

A magneto-fan constructed a £1.29 Million home cinema, themed totally like the one on the bat cave. The bat cave has all the cool tools that Batman has acquired from the secret operations running at the Wayne Enterprises. From remotes to masks, everything is packed up in an arena with the dark night’s aura. The Batcave is the operative headquarters of Batman’s city Gotham. It is situated in a faraway place from Gotham, hence minimizing attention.

  • The Gadgets

Batman has no superpowers, he uses trickery, technology, and skills to toll off the enemy. Superman, the most powerful superhero once said that only Batman can take him out. His critical thinking and use of latest tools help him to do what he plans. His belt is a self-sufficient toolkit which keeps all of the important stuff down to the belt or into the secret pockets. The armory has almost everything to take off the nemesis.

And there is much more to it. Batman is a simple human that uses his mind, his cunning ways, technology in very unconventional ways. This drives the youngsters in a very unusual heroic way.

I know this portrays Batman as more than a fictional character, but it is what it is. DC fanboys all around are the products of Batman’s elite.

There is also an elective degree in The Science of Batman at the University of Victoria, which mentions the smartness and thinking process of Batman as a course to take in and teach enthusiasts regarding the figure.

He inspires a lot of people among the youth, helps us get through silently and mindfully. I totally adore the attitude he wears all the time. The leadership skills are above the god. He is often called as the “The Lord Of The God”.

I think the fact that he has no superpowers help people feel strengthened from their perspective and embeds the thought that no superpowers are needed to bring out the superlatives in our life. It’s the man’s desire and attitude to handle stuff which makes him supreme.