What do we understand by networking? What do we know about networking? How can we start building our network and expand it worldwide?

Yes! If you also understand the power of networking and you are eager to know the answers to the above questions, then, you are at the right place. Who is the one who has never been useful to you? How many times has it happened that you have asked help from someone and they actually did your help regardless of how well they know you? From where do they know you? And since when do they know you?

Networking starts rights from your home and is a never-ending game. Think of an electrician, a plumber, a cobbler or a painter you know. If you will call them at your home for certain work which is to be done by them, will they come? Or if your friend will ask you to send someone to his/her home to whitewash the wall will you be able to contact someone and send them to their home?

That is where the networking comes into play. On an average, we meet 3 people daily in our life but we never keep them in contact or stay in their contact. Asking a simple how are you doing to someone would make all the difference but we hesitate because what if they won’t reply? Or what if the reply will be rude? But come-on who doesn’t love to be asked that how is their life? And what are they up to?

Texting someone a simple hello could make all the difference. We need all types of people in our life at one time or the other. Networking is not only offline and with the people you have met personally but there is also something called online networking. We all are on social platforms and we all have a minimum of 300 friends on Facebook and at least a 100 connections on LinkedIn but why do we use Facebook? Just to chit-chat with our those known friends and like the memes comment on them and tag your friends in them. Rather try to add the people who have good networks in the market on your Facebook. Try to comment meaningfully on post and status they update on Facebook and trust me when someday you will be needing a certain help and you will text them writing I am stuck with this, there will be a lot of helping hands to help you. Also building meaningful connections on the LinkedIn is all that should matter to you. Try to connect with the people from your profile the people with whom and about whom you want to know more.

And soon you will be holding the strongest network, the network which can help your dad even someday to get his certain work done.