Internships these days are the craze. Every college-going student wishes to go for an Internship. What do we all know about an internship at the most? We know that an Internship is a small period of learning in which the organization offers work and training, hand in hand. We also know that an Internship can be paid or unpaid, and that an Internship is one of the most trending ways to gain experience. So, that’s it?

You will be surprised to know that the concept of Internships has been borrowed from the medieval times, when skilled craftsmen would teach a young person their skill, and in return he/she would work for the craftsmen. Isn’t this fascinating?

College life has taught me one thing – never sit idle. Work as much as you can. Gain as many skills as you can. For doing this, you have Internships to your rescue!

But Why?

An Internship does not just help you utilize your skills, it also helps you gain experience and exposure. An internship opens your eyes to the real Industry life. An Internship teaches you how to perform in a professional environment. Moreover, it teaches you skills which you can never gain just by attending classes.

How to Become Internship Worthy?

Nobody is born with skills. Skills need to be carefully learned. You will require a certain amount of time to be good at something. But, it’s not that difficult too. You can simply start with building your proficiency in languages you’re comfortable with, like English, Hindi or even Punjabi. Practice these languages in written as well, in order to build proficiency at both writing and speaking them. Once you’re done with this, you can move ahead with getting better at simple applications like MS Office. Gradually, you can try your hands at learning skills which match your curriculum. For example, if you’re a Mass Communication student, you should work on skills like Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, etc.

How to Acquire These Skills Easily?

In this digital world, almost everything has been made super easy. Learning has no limit now. There are online platforms like Udemy, Coursera and Internshala which provide free as well as paid courses in almost everything! The best part is that you will even have a certificate once you complete the courses. If you aren’t satisfied with these, you can even find some really good YouTube channels making informative videos. In fact, many people rely on YouTube for learning skills like Video Editing and Graphics.

How to Go For an Internship?

There’s no doubt that you will have to work really hard on yourself in order to develop some real skills and become worthy enough for an organization to select you as their intern. But with dedication, everything is possible.

On platforms like Internshala, you can easily find numerous interesting Internships matching your CV. You will have to create an attractive Resume with all your skills and qualifications, which can be done on Internshala itself. You can then browse through thousands of Internships, all distinct in their own ways. Also, you can find Work from Home Inernships which you can do during college days. How simple is that?

If you want to work in a specific organization which may not have given the Internship details on platforms like Internshala, you can simply search about them and find out their e-mail addresses or contact numbers, and directly ask if they have space for you.

So, are you all set to gain some real experience? Come on, let’s do it!

TIP: Never Quit the Game. It will not be easy because they have a lot of applications. Meanwhile, keep applying for internships and keep acquiring different skills. You will be selected! Try harder!


-Sakshi Aneja

“On the constant Mission of Wisdom Discovery. Philophile, Nyctophile and immensely Philozoic. Using my Pen to fill Life into the Plethora of my Thoughts, I am a Learner, a Music Lover and a Kid at Heart.”