When you hear the word “entrepreneurship” you might possibly think of risks, struggle, investments, and so on. At the same time, you might also think of freedom, be your own boss, and enormous growth. This conception of thoughts will develop depending upon your attitude and perception power. Someone might have discussed you that entrepreneurship is all about working beyond the call of duty or overcoming a lot of challenges. While others might opine that it is an easy escape from hectic assignments from his/her superior at work.

Here, let’s look at some of the reasons why entrepreneurship is worth to follow for the millennials;

Long-term economic prosperity:

EntrepreneurshipIn a job, you may be remunerated with the monthly paybacks and other allowances, which will make you hesitate to take a big leap and start your own business by leaving the job. But if you work hard with dedication, then you can prosper economically much greater than job holders, in the long-run.

Following the passion:

   EntrepreneurshipIn a job, you may be frustrated with the overloaded-works, leading you to stress and depression. But in entrepreneurship, you are your own boss and you know your capability up to how much you can perform. You can relax or take leave at your own considerations. You can do things of your passion but not what others impose you to do.

National economy:

Entrepreneurship Start-up or entrepreneurship involves the flow of raw materials, finished goods, services, and financial transactions. All of them will enhance the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the country’s economy. This is the reason why the government is giving a push on entrepreneurship by providing various funds and schemes like Startup India Standup India, Multiplier Grants Scheme (MGS), Small Farmer Agri-Business Consortium, etc. In India, there are 8625 officially defined start-ups and in term of its numbers, India is the third largest in the world, after the United States and Britain.

Employment generation:

The employment opportunities in every sector are at its saturation point and this is the reason why we see high unemployment rate. How noble it would be to create jobs and serve the people? By starting entrepreneurship, you’re creating jobs. By creating jobs, you’re solving one of the nation’s greatest issues. You are a nation builder!