Biotechnology in India has seen a copious amount of growth in the past decade. It has entered a new era witnessing a significant growth in research field, new and latest bio-engineering techniques, and also in the economic sector. According to the website, the Indian government spent US$ 3.7 billion on biotechnology in their 12th five-year plan (2012-2017) compared to US$ 1.2 billion in their 11th five-year plan (2007-2012).

This has accelerated the pace of development in biotechnology in India. There also has been a great boost in the youth population who are opting for biotechnology. With many government entrance exams now available in biotechnology, there also has been an exponential growth observed in the number of private colleges and universities offering biotechnology related areas. There are numerous colleges that are now providing various program courses in the field of biotechnology. And Lovely Professional University is one of them. Covering an area of 600+, this huge University has given a huge boost to the biotechnology sector in the last five years in the northern part of India. Many companies have visited the campus and have admitted the potential in LPU. Not only huge Biotechnological giants but also upcoming new corporate organizations have visited the University recently.

Companies like Panacea biotech, Dalmia healthcare, Root analysis, Cactus (and the list goes on) visit the campus every year. Also, the scope is just not limited to work in the corporate sector in areas like marketing, Quality controls or as research associative (for companies like Root analysis and Cactus) but also the research areas. The curriculum has been designed in such a way that it makes it easier for the students to prepare themselves for giant exams like CSIR- NET, ICMR, ICAR and GATE. With an experienced faculty of 30+ in the department who are ready to help the students round the clock, seven days a week, this institute is one of the best options for the young population to opt for biotechnology.

The university offers both under-graduation and post- graduation programs in biotechnology. Courses like BSc in biotechnology (both simple and honours) BSc-MSc integrated, Bachelor of technology in Biotechnology, MSc in Biotechnology (both simple and honours) and Master of technology in Biotechnology. One of the most thought questions by students is that whether the University will be providing laboratory exposure or not. Well, here one need not worry as LPU has more than 12 labs dedicated entirely to biotechnology field. The labs are equipped with instruments like laminar air flow, autoclave, centrifuges, and Biosafety cabinets. The labs are further categorized in different sections on the basis of their working conditions. Various other related fields like animal biotechnology, plant biotechnology, enzyme biotechnology, and industrial biotechnology. The students get hand to had practice too thereby getting a firm grip on the subject. The curriculum also focuses on real life examples allowing the student to understand the concept to the core level.

The university also has tie- ups with other international universities as well who are working in the more advanced fields of biotechnology. Also, the exposure to various tie-ups with the laboratory in Punjab and nearby states helps the student to gain a closer learning experience. There are various internships available to the student to horn their skills.

The head of the school Dr Neeta Raj Sharma, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Dean is also the head of the school. She has an experience of more than 22 years in Administration, Industry, Research and Teaching. Research Area of Interest: Waste Treatment, Natural Molecules & their potential, Bio Instrumentation, Multidisciplinary Community Projects.

With Nine projects under her so far, she has led the biotechnology field with amazing and innovative ideas thereby inspiring many young minds. She has got 77 research papers published in the top journals both at national and international level. With seminars conducted in LPU at regular intervals, the university provides a great platform to the young budding minds to explore their potential. Recently 106th Indian Science Congress was held at LPU and it only ignited the fire in the young researchers of the future in here.

For all those who are wiling to explore the fields of biotechnology, Lovely Professional University is the best place and also a prime of learning institution. Come. Explore. Learn.

-Raja Babu Mani Tripathi.