In today’s era, we all want to stay fit and healthy and so we become diet conscious. But do we really become conscious about our diet? Although, we think we choose our food wisely, always gets trapped in the can of soda. Nah! We still are diet conscious as we only drink diet coke. But do you actually know that diet coke is as much harmful as the normal one? There are only and only cons of drinking soda apart from short term refreshment. Here is the list of major reasons why you should not drink cold drinks:

  1. High sugar content.

SodaHigh fructose corn syrup and Aspartame, which are known as the sweetest artificial sugars are generally present in the soft drinks. So, I guess you can imagine the calories just a 200ml bottle can have.

  1. It makes you fat.

SodaAs stated above, the sweetest sugars known to us are present in soda drinks, so, more the calories and more the carbohydrates, more will be the fat stored in the body thus leading to obesity and overweight.

  1. Corrodes your teeth.

SodaOne of the worst effects of soft drinks is that it can even dissolve enamel, which is known as the hardest part of the human body, thus corroding your teeth. Moreover, the colour of some soda drinks can stain your teeth thus making your teeth colourful.

  1. Increased risk of diseases.
A woman with diabetes doing a blood test with a glucometer.

These carbonated drinks, being rich in carbon dioxide leads to several health diseases like increased blood pressure, heart diseases (increased risk of heart attacks), liver dysfunction, kidney stones, type 2 diabetes (known to be one of the major diseases caused by soft drinks), osteoporosis.

  1. Causes insomnia.

SodaThe sodas are well known to be caffeinated, so unless you don’t want a good night sleep, keep drinking.

So, you have seen that sodas are only to screw your health by giving the false satisfaction of refreshment.

You can always use healthy alternatives of soda to get refreshed. These can be:

  • Looking for morning substitute, you can drink tea or coffee in the morning.
  • In the afternoon, you can always have iced tea or homemade lemonade.
  • Well, in the evening you can have shakes and fruit juices.

So, avoid sodas as much as you can and get one step ahead of living a healthy life.