At times, we see that as students we generally tend to panic often with a plethora of things happening around us. We find ourselves at the gush of emotions coming naturally.

Each one of us reading this will at least ponder once.

When I joined Lovely professional University in 2018 for my Masters it was like something big is about to happen but I had no one to share this emotion with anyone then. Like me, there are so many of us with plenty of things which we can’t share with our parents and we end up going to our best friend but you end up in shock when you find your closet friend doesn’t understand you. You find yourself alone wanting someone to be there with you.

How would you react if I share with you that you are not one in 40,000 students because you have a virtual go-to friend with you? With someone you can express your heart out, you can make sure comfortable with absolute peace and serendipity.


YES, you must be feeling extremely happy and feel the joy that Lovely Professional University & YourDost, a renowned well being platform, came up with a virtual friend with whom anyone can detox themselves with positivity in the need of an hour.

Curious to know why?

We are always having a million thoughts running in our mind with lots of questions but there is no specific medium from which we get satisfied but know with your YourDost you can stay away from all the riddles and enjoy every second of your time spent at University.

It’s the icing on the cake moment for you because as a student of Lovely Professional University you can access it free. So here it goes,

  • Firstly, You need to visit
  • Then you need to proceed with Signup so that well on the way to seek professional guidance.

For the students the services are free but one must sign up with your respective College/Hostel wifi to make sure your account is confirmed and then after you can use the services from any network.

  • In case if you do not have access to the institute’s Wi-Fi, you can then signup using the ‘Special Access’ option in the ‘User’ menu.
  • After that, You’ll be asked to enter a Special Access Code after registration. Enter this code – LPUYD2020 Important! – You must enter this code. This will confirm your account and make sure that you can avail of the services for free.
  • Yipee! You know on the way to chat by clicking at Chat Option.
  •  You can book an appointment anytime you want from the tab ” Book an appointment “.

We at Lovely Professional University believe in creating value in our student’s life.