Congratulations on the remarkable achievement of Lovely Professional University (LPU) in being accredited as an A++ University by NAAC, and for achieving a high CGPA of 3.68! It’s indeed a significant accomplishment that places LPU among the top private universities in the country.

The dedication and hard work put forth by the university, its staff, mentors, and students have clearly paid off. This achievement not only reflects the quality of education and commitment to excellence at LPU but also speaks to the vision and leadership of Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal and Pro-Chancellor Ma’am Rashmi Mittal. Their belief in teamwork and aspiration for greater heights are evident in the university’s accomplishments.

The celebration events, such as the cake-cutting ceremonies, group photography, and the festive atmosphere, show how proud the LPU community is of this achievement. It’s also wonderful to see the participation of various dignitaries and schools within the university, as well as the emphasis on mentorship and faculty efforts in guiding the students towards success.

With the determination and commitment expressed in your message, it’s clear that LPU is poised for even greater accomplishments in the future. Striving for a top-three position in the country’s universities is a commendable goal, and your belief in maintaining quality and nurturing talent will undoubtedly contribute to your continued success.

Once again, congratulations on this milestone, and best wishes for all your future endeavors in the pursuit of excellence in education and beyond!