From the 6th or 7th standard, we all know exactly about college. What it is, what it does and so on. Also, we get to know a lot about what it is not too. Many facts come across us about it, but sometimes they are followed by myths. We don’t trust a few of them but believe the rest. Although these are not true, at that point of time we had never been into one and we didn’t have any other option but to believe the myth which appears feasible to us. So here come some myths about college that we all have heard at least once in our lives and the true facts that persist:

  • Studies need to be done as often as you spot a unicorn

no studiesNow, this myth is something that you must forget as soon as possible. This is the place that will decide your future. It is the time that will decide what lifestyle you will have in the future, how you will spend your entire life. Remember no private company or government department is sitting to provide jobs to you. You have to snatch yours by showing your ability. Just try to understand, that, as the company or department will provide your salary, they are investing their money on you and want to do so on a person who is hard-working, intellectual and have the knowledge they require, not on the person who had spent his entire student life idling and doing nothing.

  • You will have a party every night

StressWell, parties will happen. Like fresher’s party, foundation day party, parties to celebrate some events or even some birthday parties organized on a small scale. But not every day. See, everyone will be busy in their studies and lectures. You will never get time to party every day, even if you get little free time, you will be exhausted by the day’s schedule and won’t have the required energy to organize and attend the party. Moral of the story is that, attend the little number of parties that will come your way with full enthusiasm and enjoy your time, because you don’t know when the next one will come, or will you be able to attend it or not.

  • You will meet your better-half

better halfLet’s start with some stats. According to the ‘FACEBOOK DATA SCIENCE STUDY’ done in 2013, only 28% of the married graduates studied in the same college as their wife or husband and knew each other. All will agree to the point that 28% is a very small number. So wait for your time to meet your future spouse. And keep patience, you may not find him/her in the college.

  • You will have a lot of free time

RelationshipsAbsolutely not. To count on: Lectures, Projects, Assignments, Practicals, home works, mid-terms, end-terms, CAs and many more. You will always feel a shortage of time. And free time? Well, it’s better to forget about it. Yes, a little bit of free time will come by your way. Use it to introspect yourselves. Use it to plan your future actions. And don’t let this precious thing get wasted

  • You don’t need to be regular in college

FreshmanObviously, some colleges do have zero attendance rule, but only because the authorities feel that you are mature enough to take your own actions and you will bunk college to learn something more productive and you will sincerely cover that was to be taught in the lectures. But if you don’t do that, remember, you’re digging your own hole to fall in. Do remember, attendance is directly proportional to success; the more you attend your classes, the more you learn and the more you perform.