Lovely Professional University (LPU) always strive to provide a congenial and healthy environment to all the hostelers. As the new session is about to begin and students are already making choices for residential and related facilities, certain important points regarding various new options that have been made available exclusively for hostelers are listed below:

1. Flexible Food and Mess Options: In order to provide students with more flexibility and increased choice of food varieties, the university is providing more options to the students in selecting the mess, menu etc.

2. Increase in No. of Rooms across all categories: More AC Rooms and Air cooler rooms in all categories (4/3/2/1 seater Standard and Apartment rooms) have been added so that students can get the desired choice once the current polling is done.

3. Gym Facility (Separate for Boys and Girls): Special Gym facility is being introduced at three different locations exclusively for hostelers at 50% subsidized fee.

4. Indoor Stadium: With facilities like swimming pool, warm-up pool, shooting range, squash court, badminton court, volleyball court, basketball court etc. at 50% subsidized fee.

5. Open Gym: In addition to a special Gym facility as mentioned above, Open Gym (without charges) is also being created.

6. Apartment Facilities (with reduced fee): Compared to last year, the fee has been reduced approximately by up to 10-15% in Apartments with the same infrastructure and facilities. In addition to a fee reduction, students can take add – on facilities at a nominal cost.

Please refer the file for details regarding the above facilities.

Who All Can Apply?

1. Students who have not opted for hostel till date: For Such students, the last date for polling has been extended till 10th May 2019 so that students can make choices based on various facilities that have been added exclusively for Hostelers from Session 2019.

2. Students who have already booked a hostel with Rs. 1000: Students who have already opted for a particular type of room and wish to change or wants to opt for additional facilities as mentioned above, can submit the update request through UMS.

The following link for hostel booking, seater change and opting for new facilities has been active:

UMS Navigation >> Residential & Vendor Services >> Residential Booking >> Online Residential Booking