National Entrepreneurship Conclave-2k17

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

Do you have enough courage to be an entrepreneur and lead a start-up? Do you want to create a chance for yourself? Do you want to follow your dreams or some other’s dreams? Do you want to know what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to live a life which some people only dream of? Do you want to be the job creators and not the job seekers?

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs” – Tony Gaskins

The agenda of this event “National Entrepreneurship Conclave” is to stimulate the thoughts of youth on Entrepreneurship and start-up ideas on Ed-Tech, Fin-Tech, Block Chain and Social Entrepreneurship. Hear from the leaders who got success in their respective fields and won the heart of the society/surroundings with their relentless efforts. Ground reality experiences of these leaders when joined together with energetic future thinkers by their Guest Talks/Panel Discussions, only one outcome is possible “The Change”.

Dates of NEC-2k17:  25th & 26th November 2017

Venue: Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium.

Reg Fee: 300/-only(Students); 500/- only(Faculty)

Student Benefits:

  • To learn how to build your own Business Plan, how to pitch your Start-up idea to the investors and get funding for your Start-up, learn about Entrepreneurship and Start-up Ecosystem from 15+ Entrepreneurs, Investors, Start-up Founders & CEOs along with delegates from Nasscom and Microsoft.
  •  ISO Certificate of NEC-2K17 to all the Participants.
  • 1000/- cash back coupon from Rectangle India can be used for future Workshops/Training/Events.
  • Coupons from Sponsors(Ola cabs, Shoppers Stop, Burger King).

**Full day duty leaves will be provided for attending the Conclave.

Registration link:

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Visit us: Block-13(DSW), Room-206, Cabin-12

Note: Student should register in the above link and confirm the entry pass by paying the amount at our help desks 13, 33 and respective hostels at Bh-1, Bh-2 and Bh-5