Why did you choose India?

Are there universities in your country?

Why did you not study back home?

Some of the questions I’m mostly asked. Yes! We do have universities back home. But I think India is one of the best places to study computer-related programs. Plus, I just wanted a different environment for a while. Anyway, in a few months, I’ll be finishing my first year.

There so many things I’ve learned personally and as an IT person. But in this particular piece, the focus is on how to be a good IT student and enjoy your studies.

So, let me start with how mind challenging the program is. And if you ask me, that’s what makes it exciting. My favourite course is computer programming. I’m not saying I have the perfect grades, but I like it. I have once read a quote and I quote.

“Programming is the closest thing to superpowers”

I totally agree. The first thing you have to understand as a programmer, even before you learn the easiest code, is -You are a problem solver- that’s it. Once you get that, you know the world is relying on you to find answers to some of its glitches. Which is cool.

That drives us to the fact that, as much as good grades are important there is something even more worthy. Creativity, resourcefulness imagination, vision or whatever name you can give it. I hope you get the idea.

So, just memorizing concepts won’t really do you justice in the actual field. The best way is to understand and relate the concepts to things you already know. Otherwise, the classes will just be super boring and you won’t be able to “serve” the world.

So how do you become more creative?

I don’t really know, Minds work differently. Nevertheless, my advice would be: Whenever there is something you can’t understand, write it down and take it in word-by-word (with an open mind). Find exactly where the problem is and then find help (if you can’t do it alone). One thing about IT is you always work with mates.

Anyway, I don’t like keeping my writings long (I know how lazy you are).But this is the backbone of being a great IT fella and being able to enjoy it. Be free and be creative! I’ll be writing more, every time something pops up. Let’s be the heroes the world needs, know what I mean? (wink, wink)