A few days back, the most prestigious institutes were reported to have slashed of their fee for management program by 10 to 15%. While on the other hand B-schools however, are not inspired. Instead some are planning to hike their fee by 10-15% for management programs.

A recent survey conducted by one of the most prominent and trusted news channel i.e ZEE NEWS reported about top universities under various headings. In this survey, Lovely Professional University was ranked 11th Best University in Placements all over the country.

An expert explained that increasing fee is an essential need of time to battle the lingering inflation and manage other miscellaneous expenses, an expert from a prestigious management institute says that for this reason only the PLACEMENTS become effortless and disinterested.

Placement undoubtedly is an important part of any institutional program that students enroll to. The most genuine need of a student other than strategic and conventional studies is placements. It is rather unfortunate that many institutes and universities that take bulky fee amount from the students are totally incapable of providing any placement which has an adverse effect on the career of the students.

The fee of a Course covers the whole wide arena of facilities such as tuition, residential fee (residence), course and reading material including cases and books, computing facilities, library and other academic and co-curricular expenditure including placements,which cannot be undermined.