“The Indian youth are full of potential, idealism and great aspiration to the lead the country into a better tomorrow..” – Lt. Gen. Cheema VSM

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of 1965 war victory, the Indian Army organized a two-day ‘Know Your Army’ exhibition at Lovely Professional University. The event was also to ethuse and inform students about how to join the Indian Army. GOC Vajra Corps, Lt. General Jagbir Singh Cheema VSM, inaugurated the event. LPU Chancellor, Mr. Ashok Mittal welcomed the General and other officials with, “I thank Lt. Gen. Cheema and the other officers for taking time out to organize this exhibition and addess our students. The soldiers of our proud nation have sacrificed much to keep us safe and free to live as we choose. I am sure today will prove a very inspirational and memorable one for LPU.”

The event’s mega display of weaponry, battle tanks, combat drill, and Jazz band show thrilled LPU students and staff-members. The equipment exhibition and the opportunity given to students to handle the same, and sit on tanks, sent them into a tizzy of excitment. Colonel Bhaskar Sah gave a running commentary about the combat drill that let students know how the enemy is destroyed in battle by the Infantry. Colonel Manpreet Singh narrated stories of heroism related to the 1965 War fought against Pakistan. The program also included a movie on the Indian Army, a seminar on how to join the Indian Army, and an open house Interaction between the Army officials and the students to clear doubts and address queries. ‘Motivational documentaries’ with thrilling videos of the heroic exploits and sacrifices of the Indian Army since Independence were also showcased to encourage the youth. Students were also informed about aptitude and logical reasoning tests, and interviews that needed to be cleared for one to join the army.  

Addressing students, Lt General Cheema said, “The Indian youth are full of potential, idealism and great aspiration to the lead the country into a better tomorrow, but they also have certain apprehensions, doubts, and fear about their future. For this, Indian Army is there today to awaken you to the possibility and knowledge of how to make a career in the army. We will go into the details of different aspects of the Indian Army and be happy to adress any queries. I am thankful to LPU Management which has come forward to think about young students who wish to join the Indian Army and require guidance on the same”. Lt Gen Cheema shared that the aim of the event was to inculcate the spirit of patriotism among LPU youth, and to motivate them to come forward to make India secure and strong. 

The students of LPU were awe-struck and enthralled by the show. A very impressed student said, “We are grateful that our soldiers are on vigil 24×7 for the security of the nation. It is only owing to their sacrifices that we are able to live free and sleep soundly. Many a times, in the line of duty soldiers lay down their lives and I just want to say, that we truly respect what our soldiers do. I salute the Indian Army and vow to try my best to join the institution to serve my nation.”