We all thought that growing old would take longer but indeed nostalgia is what remains constant.

Lovely Professional University organized an Alumni Meet in Singapore where the students enjoyed the fun activities, precious interactions and great music. It was a fantabulous opportunity to listen to our alumni giving words to their memories created on the campus.

In fact, the alumni present at the meet shared, “It was a remarkable experience to have studied at Lovely Professional University. Studying at LPU is a big deal in its own way because there’s no other university in India like LPU.” The Alumni connected with a lot of other notable alumni and had a great time interacting with each other.

Illustrative, LPU alumni have brought many laurels to the university by winning applause at national and international level. LPU is known to have alumni working in top brands like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, etc and earn packages as high as 1 Cr. In fact, LPU regularly organizes alumni meets in different cities and countries across the world like Canada, USA, Australia, Mumbai, Bengaluru and looks forward to many more alumni chapters that are yet to come.