Studying in college is not just about academia and the exposure, it’s also about the community you develop, the kind of friends you make, the skills you gather for your future and much more to mention.

But not all colleges promise such ample opportunities to work or ourselves and develop our self, but luckily, we’re in LPU, and one the reason behind the fame of LPU is its opportunities.

Down below are the top benefits you can get if you use your LPU domain ID.

  • Free online courses

In this pandemic situation, one of the most suffered people after the patients are students. Now that schools and colleges are closed, we don’t have the mentors to guide us nor the books for self-study. But one must not forget that we are the children of the internet, there are thousands of online courses to guide you through your course. And here’s the surprise, you can get free premium memberships and free courses in different MOOCs like Data Camp and Frontend Masters if you use the LPU domain ID.

  • Free Professional developer tools

As a student, you were most likely to work with open source technology in our education period. But the demands of the market have been changed over the years. Candidates with prior knowledge of the professional tools are given more preference than the one using free software as this saves the time to train the candidate on how to work with that tool.

With the use of LPU domain ID you can get free professional tools for the period of your student life like PyCharm Pro, IntelliJ Pro, Android Studio etc.

  • Microsoft office 365

Okay, the above two might be a little intimidating to you if you’re not from IT background, but this is every person’s need these days i.e. Office tools. LPU itself gives free Microsoft office 365 till the duration of your graduation, all you need to do is use the LPU domain ID while signing in. Office 365 comes with promising tools like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint which can be very useful if you’re a part of any organization or just doing a group project.

  • Cloud services

Cloud services are at the peak right now and it’s likely to be one of the prominent requirements for job by the year 2022. So, one who is aspiring to work on the tech giants should know these technologies.

With LPU Domain ID you get the two biggest cloud services in the world i.e. Azure by Microsoft and AWS by Amazon with $100 in each of them to use their services for your project.

So, start early to be ahead.

  • GitHub Student Benefits

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are several other perquisites that GitHub can give you if you use the LPU domain ID including Arduino STEM, Jaamly for deploying your apps to the Appstore, Astra for security and many more. And, GitHub itself will give you the pro subscription till the time you’re a student.

  • GitHub Campus Experts

Along with the tools and subscriptions GitHub also gives you the opportunity to be a leader in your campus as the GitHub Campus Expert. If you qualify as one then you can organize hackathons, workshops, coding competitions with GitHub as the sponsor for all.

And this a great thing to have on your resume.

  • Student Discounts

As a student our pockets are not often warm with money, and when we tend to restrict ourselves from any kind of shopping even if a thing is important or can help us in the long run. But did you know that you can get ample discounts on the things you buy if you use LPU domain ID?

Yes, that’s true there are several websites like UNidays and Yoins where you can get heavy discounts just for being a student. So start shopping now.

These are several more perquisites that you can get using the LPU domain ID which we couldn’t mention here in the article but are yet to explore. So start your exploration today.

Note: All these things are only possible you have the access to your LPU domain ID. You can contact the LPU IT department in the RMS enquiry for the ID.