There is no wonder you will encounter an assortment of variations during your transition from high school to the University, irrespective of your past experiences. Here are a few tidbits from my transition from the KVs to a university freshman at Lovely Professional University. Here is a list of the top 5 quirks that intrigued me about the University to make your transition a lot smoother.

#1. Being liberated is exhilarating but brings accountability:

It is all up to you, whether it is your lectures, naps, or assignments. Parents or teachers no longer fret over your grades or social preferences. Nobody’s compelling you on what you should or shouldn’t do. You don’t have to seek anyone’s approval. Around the same time, you just have to be on your own, and no one else is going to evoke you to revise your lectures. But if you want to go out on the weekend, you have the right – no one can say no to you. You are accountable for whatever good or terrible choices you make for yourself.

Intriguing things about the University that surprised me

#2. No one’s stopping from pulling an all-nighter:

It’s highly likely if you stayed with your parents during your high school, you weren’t allowed to pull an all-nighter.

But at Lovely Professional University, Vertos continue to dazzle with their research & assignments at the magnificent state-of-the-art library, which remains operational throughout the week from dawn till midnight, which gets extended till 3:00 AM during exam seasons.

#3. International students everywhere:

Lovely Professional University is known for its diversity, and nearly every lecture hall has a few international students. Lovely Professional University has students from all provinces of India & over 40+ countries across the world, and the rich diversity is ever-growing.

Check out different student clubs & organizations and meet Vertos from all around the world. You may also enter a language club to learn a new language. It can add some value to your resume and open up career opportunities abroad.

Intriguing things about the University that surprised me

#4. Technology isn’t forbidden, it’s encouraged:

Learning with pen & paper made access to online study materials much daunting, which was embraced in my high schools. As technology has been evolving and finding its applications in all domains, professors at Lovely Professional University empower students to use technology to complete assignments and learn beyond textbooks. Everyone is proficient with using all sorts of gadgets, not just certain students.

#5. Free stuff:

One great thing about being a Verto is getting all the free subscriptions that Lovely Professional University gives out to all the Vertos. Sign in with your university email ID provided in the University Management System to get free access to Microsoft Office 365 Premium, Grammarly Premium, Coursera Plus, etc.

Lovely Professional University offers new opportunities to boost your career and concentrate on what you are passionate about.