Duggal is confident of his movies winning these pretigious awards, hosted by Motion Pictures, to award excellence in cinematic achievements.

LPU alumni Hansjeet Singh Duggal has added another feather to LPU’s cap. Two of his movies, ‘Gardeners of the Forest’ and ‘It’s Just a Gun’ are finalists in the documentary and narrative categories respectively for the Student Academy Awards (Student Oscars) this year. Duggal has worked as the visual effects artist in both movies.

Hansjeet, a Jalandhar boy, is studying at Chapman Universirty, CA, USA. Ecstatic over the nomination, Duggal credits it to his faculty at Champan. “ Most of the faculty here at Chapman are either Oscar winners or have at sme point been nominated for an Academy award. Also most of the artists in the industry have been trained this faculty. I am fortunate to be learning from all their experiences.” is reported to have said to The Tribune, Punjab.

Duggal also told the newspaper that working on the films he explored aspects of animation heretofoe unused even in Hollywood movies. These are not, however, this animation artists first projects, he has worked on the Pearl Project, an initiative against malaria and teh outbreak of Ebola in th Ilaje alum of Lagos, Nigeria. He has also helped design animations and cartoons to help spread awareness about the prevention and curative measures for these diseases. Duggal also curates exhibitions at the Sikh Heritage Museum located at the Guru sikh Temple in Canada.

Duggal is confident of his pictures winning this pretigious award, hosted by Motion Pictures, to award excellence in cinematic achievements. The Tribune quaotes him saying, “Our directors, Brian and Robau  Ceylan Carhoglu and Nicole Jordan Webber have made beautiful and thought provoking pieces of work. I am sure both works are gping to make a  place in history.” 


The Awards Ceremony is scheduled for September 22, 2016. All the best Aman, wish you these Oscars and many more!