The School of Mechanical Engineering at Lovely Professional University (LPU) organized ‘International Conference on Advancements in Aerospace Engineering- ICAAE-2024’. The two days of the conference propelled insightful discussions and collaborations for aerospace innovation to new heights.

The conference was graced by the distinguished presence of the stalwarts of ISRO (Indian Space & Research Organization) including its Former Director Dr. S. Rangarajan; Former Group Director Dr. R. Pandiyan; Project Director A.M. Nagalakshmi; Programme Director Jasvinder Singh Khoral; and Prof Dr. Tejinder Kumar Jindal of PEC, Chandigarh.

LPU students showcased their creative aircrafts and drones during specially organized ‘Air-Show’ at the campus to illustrate their deftness in the related field. They demonstrated their self-structured light weight, high-speed, noiseless and well-built space related devices, and earned immense amazement and appreciation from all of the ISRO proponents.  

Appreciating the study environment for aerospace engineering at LPU campus, the elite ISRO visitors wished LPU students to excel in their space skills to be known number one globe over. Creator of the world’s first satellite-enabled tablet for education delivery without an Internet connection, Dr. S. Rangarajan shared his vision to bring about a transformation in the society by enhancing the quality and utility of learning through research.

Recalling the top ‘CANSat’ award to LPU students, Dr. R. Pandiyan revealed his happiness on being a part of LPU conference and advised students to avail the best facilities at the campus to ever succeed. Work hard and dedicate yourself to the cause undertaken for sure success. Project Director Nagalakshmi wanted students to be multidisciplinary by learning whatever they can.

It was also shared for the encouragement of LPU space engineers that on visiting the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) headquarters for the Chandrayaan-3 mission, NASA scientists were impressed by the sophisticated technologies developed by Indian space scientists at a low cost. Then the delegation expressed interest in purchasing these technologies.