With the mission, to ‘Transform Education’ through academic rigour, practical orientation, and outcome-based teaching, Human Resource Development Center, Lovely Professional University inaugurated “GURU-DAKSHTA: Faculty Induction Program (FIP)-2024” on April 27, 2024. Starting from April 27 to June 3, 2024, the major focus of the current program is centered on empowering the faculty members to perform multiple roles of teaching, research, and service in a more effective and meaningful manner.

Dr. Manish Gupta, Registrar (Admin.), LPU, in his Inaugural Address, encapsulated the essence of the university’s vision, mission, and values, setting the tone for a journey toward academic excellence and holistic development.

Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor & Head- HRDC welcomed the participants and shared the vision of LPU-HRDC w.r.t faculty development through Orientation/Induction Programs, Refresher Courses, Short-term Courses, and Workshops. The framework of the Guru-Dakshta: Faculty Induction Program designed as per UGC Guidelines was explained and the galaxy of subject matter experts on the resource panel was introduced. The training strategy aimed at giving an immersive experience through enriched knowledge, skills, and experiential learning was highlighted. The FIP evaluation and certification norms were explained to the participants. Dr. Ahuja appreciated the Program Coordinators Dr. Savita Gupta, Professor and Head-Department of Faculty Development, HRDC and Mr. Rahul, HRDC for planning and organizing the FIP with a comprehensive and meticulous approach.

The major themes to be covered in the program were enumerated as 1. Higher Education and its Ecosystem 2. Curriculum Designing, Outcome-Based Learning, and Choice-based Credit System 3. Teaching, Learning, and Assessment 4. Technology for Teaching and Assessment of I-generation 5. Personal-Emotional Development and Counselling 6. Research, Professional Development, and Academic Leadership 7. Academic Integrity 8. Constitutional Values, Human Rights & Fundamental Duties 9. Environmental Consciousness and Sustainable Development Goals 10. Strategic Planning and Management

Mr. Bheshaz Bedi, Director, Division of Human Resource, LPU along with his colleagues Ms. Raina Singh, Deputy Director, Division of Human Resource, LPU and Mr. Navdeep Singh Thind, Assistant Director, Division of Human Resource, LPU conducted an exciting HR System Orientation session, providing valuable insights into human resource management within the University framework. The session aimed to equip the faculty members with the necessary competence to effectively manage personnel matters within their respective departments.

Later, attention turned to discussions concerning the Learning Management System (LMS) within the University Management System (UMS), guided by the expertise of Dr. Amit Kakkar, Associate Professor, Mittal School of Business. This session aimed to familiarize faculty members with the intricacies of the University’s digital infrastructure, ensuring they can leverage technology to enhance their teaching and administrative duties.

The afternoon session, conducted by Dr. Jatinder Pal Singh, Assistant Professor, Division of Examination focused on the Examination System Orientation, emphasizing the importance of upholding academic integrity within the university’s assessment processes.

Dr. Sanjay Modi, Pro Vice Chancellor of LPU, provided concise insights on the Higher Education Ecosystem. His expertise shed light on its dynamics, encompassing academia, industry collaboration, and student-centric approaches. His discourse likely bridged theory and practice, fostering a holistic understanding among stakeholders. Dr Modi also highlighted the University’s pivotal role in shaping future leaders and contributing to societal progress.

The day concluded with the session conducted by Dr. Pavitar Parkash Singh, Professor & Dean, School of Liberal and Creative Arts (Social Sciences & Languages) delving into Constitutional Values, Human Rights, and Fundamental Duties, imparting a sense of responsibility and purpose to the faculty members. This session aimed to instil in participants a deeper understanding of ethical principles and civic duties, essential for fostering a culture of integrity within the academic community.

Feedback was solicited from the participants in response to which they appreciated the gesture shown by the Lovely Professional University in terms of choice of Subject Matter Experts, an interactive learning environment, study material, and content delivery.