“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer”

A quote by Nolan Bushnell has seemed to find its meaning in the thoughts of Abhilash Kumar Singh. Abhilash, a student of B.Tech I.T. of Lovely Professional University has set an example for all. His achievement reminds us that if you have the will and patience inside you to be a successful entrepreneur, success will surely to come to you.

Abhilash started “Sabstore – A Store for everyone”, an online food delivery platform in LPU. “Initially I had started a grocery business on my own with just a table on rent near Boys Hostel 1 (BH1). I made some blunders along the way like wastage of money on various things and stock purchases, but those mistakes only made me work harder. My father Rajkumar Singh, who is a government employee in Indian Railways has been my support system from the beginning. With the support from my family, I continued working towards it. What started with me doing all the calling and delivery has today transformed into a full-service provider. Today I have numerous employees and own bikes for delivery and management purposes”.

Sabstore was officially registered as a firm on 23rd February 2016. In due course of time, success came to it and on 5th February 2017, it was officially registered as a Private Limited. With over 1 Lakh orders till date and about 10 thousand loyal customer base, it has transcended to have a turn over of about Rs 1 crore in a lump sum in just 2 years of its initiation.

Abhilash whose startup Sabstore got recognized among student start ups by gov't of India

Our selection in Startup India came as a surprise to us. We had applied for it without any expectations, but getting selected in the first attempt itself was a dream come true for me. We have many things planned for the future development. We want to make Sabstore a multi-utility platform like Paytm through which they can not only order food but also book tickets and all. We want to take Sabstore forward both technologically and geographically for which our team is working hard to imbibe Artificial Intelligence into the website and application to make it.”

But as they say, the path to success is never a smooth one, so was in the case of Sabstore. “We being a multi-vendor food delivery system often had to compromise on the delivery time. There were delays in delivery as well as technical issues in the initial months. But we have always tried to innovate new ways to make our systems more efficient. I can proudly say that now Sabstore is in a perfect systematic order.”

Abhilash is a strong believer of the motto that working hard is the best way to get to success. I wish him congratulations for achieving this feat and wish him all the best for his future plans.

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