The fact that vertos can take advantage of various international tie-ups with various elite universities is well known to all. LPU gives its students the opportunity to explore various countries and aids the students to learn new things providing a whole new experience. With various tie-ups, the students can embrace quality education around the world. The students can choose either a credit transfer program or a semester exchange program and broaden their career prospects. Numerous vertos have already taken advantage of these schemes and are building their future with zeal and determination.

The vertos can go to various countries on different continents like the USA, UK, Canada, France, Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea, and many more. This not only provides the exposure, a chance to take in the allure and culture of the foreign nation but also makes the lengthy process a bit easier due to LPU’s link-ups. Another LPU verto, Vaibhav Kedia of Bachelor of Technology CSE (Hons.) has bagged an amazing opportunity to study overseas. He has kick-started his journey at Murray State University, USA under the credit transfer program with a scholarship. Murray State University is a public university situated in Kentucky in the United States of America.

Studying overseas is a dream of many students and also a life-changing experience that every college student wants to experience once in their lifetime. It hones your language skills and enhances your network. You can experience all this with the help of services provided by LPU which offers semester exchange and credit transfer programs for various branches including MBA, B.Tech, BBA, B. Design, and many others. LPU encourages the efforts of its students and provides the opportunity for them to achieve new heights of success. The benefits of studying abroad are numerous and LPU aids the students in flourishing their future.

Vaibhav’s determination and diligence has finally paid off and landed him in one of the elite universities in the USA. LPU can help you reach amazing heights and can help you fulfill this dream of studying overseas. LPU’s astounding international relationships have helped many students to dream and achieve big.

The whole LPU family wishes Vaibhav Kedia the heartiest congratulations and all the best for future endeavors!