In a historic union of brilliance and foresight, Lovely Professional University (LPU) welcomed luminaries from around the world. Among them were Professor Mark Parsons, an intellectual maestro from the Sydney Brain Centre, and Mr. Gagan Sharma, spearheading PROXMED PTY LTD, Australia.

The apex of this momentous occasion was the bestowal of the esteemed Mark William Parsons Scholarship: Empowering Women in STEM Sponsored by PROXMED PTY LTD, Australia upon two exceptional female STEM students of LPU, a beacon of recognition for their unparalleled dedication and prowess. Dr. Manish Gupta, Registrar (Admin), LPU, set the tone for the proceedings with a gracious welcome, emphasizing the visionary collaboration between LPU and the Sydney Brain Centre. He applauded the team HRDC headed by Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor, and Dean, LPU HRDC, for organizing the event which echoed with the resounding call for progress and empowerment, marking a pivotal moment in the journey towards diversity and excellence in STEM education.

 LPU’s Founder Chancellor & Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal shared that effective experimentation is essential to do meaningful research. He congratulated all at LPU for MoU signing; setting up of the Centre of Excellence; and, instituting of scholarships for women students. Dr. Mittal emphasized the pivotal importance of such initiatives as catalysts for charting growth-oriented pathways in today’s competitive landscape. Emphasizing LPU’s unwavering commitment to enhancing research endeavors and fostering a culture of scholarly pursuit, he highlighted the University’s dedication to delivering value-driven, research-centric education through robust global collaborations.

In the symphony of commitment and foresight, Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta, Pro Vice-Chancellor, LPU, unveiled the institution’s unyielding dedication to cultivating talent and fostering academic eminence, laying the foundation for a future brimming with innovation and progress. Dr. Harpal Thethi, Senior Director, Division of Career Services, and Dr. Sunaina Ahuja elaborated on the myriad of career opportunities and international learning prospects available to LPU students, highlighting the institution’s dedication to holistic growth and development.

The virtual presence of Mr. Mark William Parsons captivated the audience, highlighting the transformative journey embarked upon by LPU and the Sydney Brain Centre, illuminating the path toward collaborative excellence.

Mr. Gagan Sharma’s address resounded with enthusiastic applause as he praised LPU’s unwavering dedication to innovation, highlighting the vital significance of collaborative efforts in shaping the evolving landscape of STEM education. During his speech, he proudly announced the prestigious scholarship, valued at Rs. 1 Lakh, awarded to two exemplary female STEM students of LPU, namely Ms. Bageesha Mukhopadhyay and Ms. Tanvi.

As the partnership between LPU and PROXMED PTY LTD soared to unprecedented heights, the selection of LPU’s finest minds – Mr. Tushar Vilekar, Ms. Bageesha Mukhopadhyay, Ms. Tanvi, and Mr. Aman Jangra – as interns at Proxmed Pty. Limited signaled a promising beginning, which is a testament to the symbiotic bond between academia and industry in propelling meaningful change.