Winter is almost at the end and this season has brought us many new memories to live with. For few, winter is one of the best seasons of all time. Well, you may not completely agree but you also can’t deny the magic it brings along with it. So here is your list of winter jokes to fill your heart with warmth.

  1. What Do You Call A Snowman In The Desert?

    A puddle!

  1. How Do Eskimos Make Their Beds?

    With sheets of ice and snow!

  1. What Do You Call A Penguin In The Desert?


  1. Why Did The Farmer Only Wear One Boot To Town?

    He heard there would be a 50% chance of snow!

  1. How Do Snowmen Greet Each Other?

    Ice to see you!

  1. What’s A Snowman’s Favorite Breakfast?

    Frosted Flakes!

  1. How Does An Eskimo Stick His House Together?

     With Igloo!

  1. Where Does A Polar Bear Keep His Money?

     In a snowbank!

  1. Why Don’t Mountains Get Cold In The Winter?

     They wear snow caps!

  1. What Did The Snowman Say To His Customer?

      Have an ice day!

  1. Why Is Getting A Job In The Winter In The Arctic So Great?

     When the days get short, you only have to work a 30 minute work week.

  1. Where Do Snowmen Go To Dance?

     To snowballs!

  1. What Sort Of Cakes Do Snowmen Like Best?

     The kind with thick icing.