Although I would bet my last penny that if you have clicked on this article, you must have heard about cryptocurrencies at least once, even though you might or not be fluent in it. For those living under a rock, cryptocurrency is a medium for digital transactions, just like currencies in use globally. The set-apart point is that digital currencies are not controlled by a centralized authority and shielded against any malicious activity.

Buzzwords such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Binance Coin (BNB), Tether (USDT) are some of the most important and massively used cryptocurrencies globally, holding a total market cap of around $2.48 Trillion as of 2021.

For comparison, the number is more than the individual GDPs of 188 countries among the 195 countries as estimated by the International Monetary Fund in 2021.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency: A Boost for the Engineering Sector?

The Link Between Crypto and Technology

In the last half a decade, cryptocurrency has exploded like never before and spread like wildfire across countries. This form of digital transactions is based on Blockchain technology, supported by Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, and Data Science, along with software and web development, to name the most important ones.

In short, search behind the crypto coins, and you will find multiple software engineers working day in and out.

The brisk growth in the usage of cryptocurrencies has accelerated the potentials in the engineering sector too. The fact that job postings mentioning “bitcoin,” “blockchain,” or “cryptocurrency” in Indeed have seen a growth of more than 621% since the last quarter of 2015 support the above statement.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency: A Boost for the Engineering Sector?

What do the Figures Say?

Let us have a glance:

  • Upwork listed Blockchain and Cryptocurrency skills as the fastest growing skillset, competing with more than 5000 significant others.
  • The search for crypto-related jobs on Indeed has surged up by more than 1000% from 2015, a lot in just six years.
  • According to Techcrunch, there are 14 open positions for each blockchain developer, portraying a clear picture of what the demand looks like in this sector.
  • On average, a Blockchain Developer in the US earns around $100,000 a year, whereas, in India, the number is somewhat around 6 LPA.

What’s clear like the morning sky is that the growth in this sector is real: the demand is far ahead of the supply.

Crypto-Related Job That You Can Get Your Hands-On:

  • Blockchain Programmers

Even if you are leaving cryptocurrencies behind, many companies globally are adopting blockchain for their usage. In crypto, they are no less than the base setters, the most important ones.

  • Blockchain Testers

One cannot deploy software without thorough testing. Blockchain Testers are engineers working on the technology, trying to find out bugs and either mend it themselves or send it to the programmers for rectification.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency: A Boost for the Engineering Sector?
  • Crypto Engineers

The software engineers entrusted with the overall functioning of the blockchain technology and determining the technological requirements to keep up with the dynamic crypto world are known as crypto engineers.

  • Data Scientist and ML Engineers

While working on blockchain technology, your company will receive a humongous amount of data from both sides: the market and the users. Data scientists and ML engineers will make your work easier to make out meaningful messages from raw data. Talk about directing your company towards the better direction or feeding the data into the systems for further usage; they are there to help you out.

Apart from these, professionals such as Security Architects, Web Developers, Research Analysts, Financial Analysts, DevOps Engineers, and Technical Product Managers are some of the tech jobs that have been and will continue to experience a substantial demand.