The bitter truth was certainly demonstrated in the previous article (Nature will pay its debts). Our Indian ministry of Human Resource Development (formerly known as ministry of education until 1985) has taken its measures accordingly by taking environmental education into consideration.

Just awareness posters, rallies and environmental awareness marathons aren’t efficient enough for this global dilemma was figured out by the ministry of human resource development and delivered some of the environmental based courses that gives rise to employment, opens way for a innovative subject for study and analysis that may create environmental engineers in order to contemplate the tragic environmental based issues and tackle with natural challenges, also in prediction of the future with respect to the available resources along with advancement in forecast study and depth of ecology.
Following is the list of academic courses available in the sector of environmental engineering. in Environmental science & wildlife management. in Environmental & water management.
Environmental science.
Bachelors in Environment & ecology.
MBA in Forestry and environment management.
M.phil in Environmental studies. in Disaster mitigation. in Earth science. in Pollution control. in Environmental biotechnology. in Environmental science & technology. in Global warming reduction. in Life science.
Many types of certificate courses and diploma courses are available on a wider range in environmental science.
Some of its specialized fields are,
Water and watershed.
Environmental chemistry and toxicology.
Wildlife and forestry.
Environmental policy and conflict management.
Disaster preparation & executive fire leadership.
Fire science.
Occupational safety and environmental health management.
The study of this field all or few of these:
Ecosystem dynamics.
Biodiversity components.
Natural resources and forest management.
Physic chemical environment.
Environmental techniques & impacts.
Eligibility criteria for all the courses is different yet all the courses needs 10+2 in science stream to qualify for the following.

Following is the list of institutes offering environmental science and environmental engineering courses.
South Gujarat university, Surat.
University of Delhi, Delhi.
University of Pune, Pune.
Bharathiar university , Coimbatore
Bharti vidyapeeth, Pune.
University of Mumbai.
Indian institution of environmental management
(SIES), Navi Mumbai.

These courses in their respective institutions are taking solid ground and urging the youth in becoming a responsible citizen towards the nation by understanding and protecting our mother nature. Sowing the seed now will surely give a sweet result to the generation which is yet to come.
Education when merges with environment can create great wonders for humanity. Henceforth it is essential to promote these less known academic courses in order to protect & defend our ecology also creating & providing jobs in the versatile sector of environment.
If these distant sector flourishes, the cherry on the cake will be luscious greenery around us. The feeling of exotic locations and hill-stations will hopefully be right at our doorstep.


-Abhinav Bodhare (School of Hotel Management)