If you are reading this article to find some tips or anything that you have not already looked into while preparing for an interview, then congrats! You have grown up and are taking a decisive step in your life. It is a huge deal. Why won’t it be? You have spent more than 20 years of your life attending school, college, and millions of exams and studying to reach this stage, to acquire a proper job, a job that is supposed to change your life. And if you go unprepared and falter at the last stage, it won’t look good, would it? Let me mention some of the not-to-forget points during an interview that might not be new to you, but can be considered as gentle reminders.

A well-polished resume

One of the basics and the most important foundation is a well-developed resume. It’s a very easy task. You might already know how to make it and even if you don’t you’ll find several tutorials of presenting it correctly. And don’t ever do the mistake of lying about a skill or achievement in your resume.

Know about the company, the type of job and other requirements

You must be well aware of the company you wish to join, the type of job they are offering, the qualifications they demand, whether the time is manageable or not and if it matches your skills or not. Once you understand your role in the company, it will be easier for you to proceed.

Prepare the common interview related questions

Research about some of the frequently asked questions which are direct yet are required to be answered smartly. Some of them are why should you be given the job, describe yourself in a few sentences, mention your strengths and weaknesses, why did you apply for a job in this company, what do you want to do in your life, how much salary do you aspire, etc.

Dress professionally

If you want to impress your interviewer, at first sight, you need to wear genuine attire and that includes a formal light-coloured and well-ironed shirt, and trousers (avoid wearing jeans in an interview!). Girls are requested o tie their hair in a pony if they have long hair and apply minimum or no makeup (it’s not a fashion show!).

Be punctual, confident and answer the questions thoughtfully

First and foremost, be on time! No one prefers to give a job to late-comers. You tend to be pretty nervous especially if it is your first interview, but do not show your nervousness on your face. Put on a smile, be polite and answer whatever is asked gently. Don’t forget to greet the interviewer after arriving and before leaving. Avoid stuttering as it gives away your nervousness and hinders your impression and image. Stay good-mannered and maintain good body language as well.

So there you go! If you master these small points, you are ready for your interview and I’m very sure you’ll nail it! All the best!