Choosing a course and picking the right college is one the most crucial decisions you’d ever make in your life. If you know your forte, you should have no difficulty in choosing the right course, however, chances are that you are confused and need the right career guidance for choosing a job oriented course. This is understandable because it’s a decision on which your entire life depends.

To make a career in what you’re passionate about, you should stick to the specialisation you chose in 10+1 or 11th grade. Here’s a list of job oriented courses after 12th in Science(PCM and PCB), Commerce, and Arts(Humanities) streams in 12th that lead to a promising career.

Courses after 12th Science Stream:

For students of Science stream, ideally, you should stick to your field because now you have acquired significant knowledge of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology, which would help you grasp graduation subjects better.

Job Oriented Courses after 12th PCM and PCB:

After studying Physics, Chemistry and Maths in 10+2, students have a wide range of career options in the fields of Engineering, Pharmacy, Architecture and Management.


Engineering - Job Oriented Courses after 12th

Engineering field is one of the most opted courses among students. If you have an analytical mind that enjoys solving problems and if you love to repair machines, then engineering is definitely the field for you. Once decided that you want to do engineering(B.Tech), you can now choose the course that suits you the best.

As per the recent times of India survey, information technology/computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical/electronics and communication engineering, petroleum engineering are one of the highest paying engineering jobs in India.

Besides the above-mentioned courses, you can also go for B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering, Food Technology, Aerospace Engineering and Biotechnology.

Opting for SAP training in Computer Science and Information technology can help engineers gain an edge over their competitors.


If you’re creative, analytical, and love Mathematics, B.Arch could lead you to a satisfying career. Scope to build a high paying and growth oriented career is very high. Architects get numerous employment opportunities at private firms and ambitious governmental projects like Metro, housing colonies, etc. You can also choose to become a freelance architect and choose your projects on your own.


Pharmacy - Job Oriented Courses after 12th

Pharmacists have a vital job in ensuring optimal medications for sufferers of various health conditions. Having a pleasing and kind personality is of utmost requirement as Pharmacists often have to interact with patients. Their job also entails guiding and counseling the patients. Students can opt for B.Pharm or B.Pharm(Ayurveda) depending upon their interests.


Medical Courses- Job Oriented Courses after 12th

If you’re ready to work very hard and make a riveting career in the medical field, you must clear NEET, on the basis of which you can opt for professional courses like MBBS and BDS and make a notable impact on people’s lives. Biotechnology is another field that has a wide scope for those who want to get into the medical field.

Job Oriented Courses after 12th Commerce and Arts/Humanities

Animation and Multimedia

Animation Multimedia - Job Oriented Courses after 12th

It’s the age of Multimedia where everyone loves to be entertained with vivid graphics and animation. If you’re a creative enthusiast who wants to make practical use of you creativity, you can choose from courses like B.Sc(Design-Multimedia), B.Sc(Design-Graphics), B.Design(Multimedia), B.Design(Graphics) to make an excelling career in animation and Multimedia.

Journalism, Photography and Film Production

Journalism(BJMC), Photography - Job Oriented Courses after 12th

With constantly rising internet-savvy population, there’s an incline in job opportunities for journalists and photographers. From working for a newschannel, newspaper, or a magazine to being a freelance writer, BJMC(Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication) opens a plethora of opportunities. If you enjoy story-telling and have leadership skills, then you go for a course in Film and TV Production – B.Sc(Film and TV Production).

Fashion Design

Fashion Design - Job Oriented Courses after 12th

If you’re artistic and love to mix and match different colours, then you can make a rewarding career by pursuing courses like B.Sc(Design – Fashion), or B.Design(Fashion)


Law- Job oriented courses after 12th

Law is one the most promising professions. One can build a promising career in Law and exemplify the legal profession. Students can opt for BBA – LLB, B.Com – LLB, or BA – LLB as per their interest.

HM and Tourism

Hotel Management and Tourism - Job oriented courses after 12th

A career in Hotel Management and Tourism is a bliss for those who love to travel and interact with people from diverse cultures. If you’re polite with strong interpersonal skills and have a pleasing personality, a career in Hospitality can be rewarding. On the other hand, if you love to cook and experiment with different cuisines, then again a career in Hotel Management will be gratifying. Start by pursuing courses like B.Sc(Hotel Management), BHMCT, B.Sc(Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality), BBA(Tourism and Hospitality) and look out for internships with reputed companies during your graduation to land a high-paying job.

A career in the Arts field can be both lucrative as well as satisfying for the creative minds. With the advent of modern job profiles, more students opt for industry-oriented courses that prepare students for the industry needs and make them highly employable.