LPU students of Performing Arts and languages immersed themselves in Punjabi tradition and culture when fabled Punjabi singer Surinder Shinda visited the LPU campus on 15th November 2017. More than 600 students gathered to give him a rousing welcome.

With his words, he tried to instil the importance of Punjabi Culture in students. He mentioned how Punjabi music is making its mark in Bollywood and is loved in all the different states of the nation. He also urged the students to take inspiration from the works of famous Punjabi poets like Baba Farid and Bulleh Shah. He also added to his advice by asking the students to respect their parents and teachers.

Surinder Shinda
Students enjoying interaction with Surinder Shinda

He bewitched his audience by singing his most popular songs. The students were greatly impressed, inspired and energetic after interacting with him. He advised the students to follow their passion and only do what they truly like to do.

Surinder Shinda, who is often described as a legendary singer has sung many popular songs like, Truck Billiya, Balbiro Bhabhi and Kaher Singh Di Maut.