Wait! What is one thing that one can never deny, especially while running in-between lectures and winding up the day-long rigorous routine of a college student? It’s the food hour. Let’s be honest for this. You never get to have your breakfast because you’re too late for that 9 am class and too lazy to wake up early enough to have a meal. When it’s 1 pm, you’re finally free after 4 back-to-back lectures which have tormented you enough to kill your hunger. So, you’re already too busy discussing the anxieties of your life with your friends. Next, you have those afternoon classes where your stomach is growling from hunger and you’re way drowsy to walk up and eat. When the day is finally over, it’s too late!

The UNI Centre is a centralized mall with amenities of all kinds ranging from food to electronics and shopping. Mostly popular for its food joints, it owns several restaurants and cafes within for the students to give them a variety of options. If you are looking for places to eat diverse and healthy food, UNI centre is the place for you. Here are the top 5 places for savouring your taste buds:

Old School Canteen

Top 5 Places in UNI Centre

Managed by the Department of Travel and Tourism, this is a dining service run by the students of LPU itself. One can have a delectable selection of cuisines from North Indian lunch menus to mouth-watering South Indian snacks. With contemporary brunches and sweet-savoury desserts, it’s a must visit. It also delivers to the students living in the campus with no additional cost till 11 pm.

Arabica Café

Top 5 Places in UNI Centre

If you are looking for an enclosed place with modern interiors and comfy seating space, Arabica is a café/snack bar that serves you the best coffee with tasteful sides such as burgers, pizzas and variations of pasta. It is moderately priced and is also a good place to work in your off time.

Dosa Plaza

Top 5 Places in UNI Centre

This newly open food joint offers a blend of Southern spices with South Indian culinary food in an affordable menu. The food is affordable with homely flavours of spices and blends. If you’re up for a light and delicious meal, Dosa Plaza is here to serve you the best of it.


Top 5 Places in UNI Centre

An open space for coffee and contemporary food lovers is all I need to say about this place. It has a funky touch to it with a creative menu curated to take care of the unpredictable cravings of the student population. One of the best places to hang out with your friends in the evening with a cup of strong coffee and conversations with delicious food.

Café Coffee Day

Top 5 Places in UNI Centre

Very few college students can say that they get to have coffee from one of the largest and world-famous coffee chains. The UNI centre has a cosy little space in its basement where Café Coffee Day serves the original taste of coffee and snacks. A bit on the expensive side, spending your weekend sipping on the amazing taste is a worthwhile experience.