Almost every student has a dream to get placed in a company after their higher education. There are a lot of steps that need to be taken care of from the beginning of the freshmen year like workshops and certifications which helps a lot in getting placed in decent company and among these steps, ‘perfect internships’ play a crucial role.

Here are the few steps that may help to find the right internship:

Apply Consistently 

The Right Internship In 2020

Students feel it very competitive to get an online internship. But online surveys speak a different thing. A lot of internships get uploaded every day, the number of internships updated every day in our country is at least 1.3 times more than the number of candidates in that particular department. Still, a lot of students complain of not getting any selection from online options, this is because either they are less talented for that particular organization or they stop applying after 3-4 rejections. Listen, you don’t need to pay a penny to apply to any particular organization online, so why to stop, just apply consistently. Constantly track those websites and apply as quickly as you can when you get a notification about new internships.

Local Positions 

The Right Internship In 2020

This is the best way to easily get selected in internships, but students generally ignore or forget this process. Local positions are those internships that you can find in your college city or your hometown. Students generally desire to work far from home and college and miss the chance to work in decent organizations near them. So, try to figure out the top companies and industries of your domain near your college and hometown. These are the most convenient internships.

Job Fair 

The Right Internship In 2020

Career fair aka Job fair is also a great way to connect with various companies at the same time. Representatives or HR of broad companies come together and showcase their vacancies and opportunities. Such events provide an in-depth understanding of companies and also clear our doubts for work. Try to catch as many Job fairs as you can. LPU organizes multiple fairs every year, search for fairs your college town, attend every fair and try to start building connections with the industrialist.

Social Media 

The Right Internship In 2020

Social media is also a great tool to bag the internships. The basic hack to gain your perfect internship from social media is networking. Start following the HR’s of those companies which belong to your domain, start building connections on LinkedIn with employees and other applicants with the same interest. Start joining groups and following hashtags related to your domain and jobs. Make your account look professional and mention your achievement briefly along with the CV. Do post regularly on topics related to your domain or support other groups with the same content. Keep an eye on the post of these groups and HR, and apply instantly.

Also, before applying to any internships, don’t forget to prepare your CV with proper formatting and etiquette. Boost your soft skills and English, practice for the group discussions or join soft skills club in the university which will help you a lot in the future.