As diverse our country is that diverse are its citizens’ opinions. Especially about two main regions of the North and South. For North Indians, South people are very fascinating. So are their assumptions about everything south. Let us know some of those interesting thoughts.

Number 1. Every South Indian is a Madrasi. Doesn’t matter if you are from Karnataka or Kerala, You are a Madrasi no matter what.

Number 2. All of you speak the same language. Even If you are from Telangana and you speak Telugu, that fact is nowhere counted. If you are from the south then you automatically know all south languages let it be Malayali or Kannada.

Number 3. You are supposed to know everything. As according to many, God, while making India had distributed brains to the South Indians whereas booze to the North Indians

Number 4. Entire South Indian food cuisine is based on Idli, Dosa, Vada and Uttapam only. No, it is wrong, it does not only consist of those dishes. It isn’t their fault though, as the majority of the South Indian food chains in North India make varieties mostly out of aforementioned dishes.

Number 5. Movies are full of unrealistic “masala” made only for laughter. You are right to some extent, but not all South Indian movies are the same. Many have been rated quite high.

Number 6. Why are everyone names so long? Like it’s Subharamanyam Swami Kumar for everyone. A considerable number of people are surprised when names are short and many do have it short.

Number 7. If you are from the south (without option you are a Madrasi, even if you are not) you are highly educated, cultured and polite. If that cultured Madrasi laughs loudly, it’s like hell broke loose.

Number 8. Hindi is a foreign language altogether which South Indians have no knowledge off. If one South Indian speaks Hindi fluently, then jaws drop like a UFO has landed right in front of you.

Number 9. All the south Indians are dark and nerdy (especially engineers). Not all are the same. There are many who are fair and have diverse interests, like standup comedy, animation etc…

Number 10. South India only has many beaches and people with curly hair. Well, you are right but that is not all to South India. It is full of rich history like that of Nizams.

Let us know what you think of in the comment section below by your experience with South Indian classmates around you

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