From the title, if you pay a regular visit to the Happenings page, you may know that this isn’t the first time we are writing about him. His achievements are far-fetched from reality; whatever he has done or has been doing is an inspiration to millions.

This article is about SM Sammam Sakti Ibn Sahadat, a student B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering at LPU from Dhaka, Bangladesh who has led 250+ Youth Leaders in New York from 32+ countries in 2021 and has also been selected as Global Youth Leader” and “Most Aspiring Youth Activist by the United Nations at UNITE 2030 where he had engaged in the maximum number of activities in the international campaign. He is the founder of Education 4 All which aims to deliver education to the children who aren’t privileged and enhance the literacy rate of Bangladesh. Being a member of AIESEC, he has also received international awards like the Global Youth Leadership Award by the association Global Youth Parliament.

LPU Verto to receive 3 International Awards in 2022

Being a Youth Activist, he constantly aims to provide the best amenities to the underprivileged. Due to his work, he is all set to honor three more international awards in 2022. The first award is named the 6th Asia Pacific Luminare Award awarded to the ones having excellence in the fields of business, social services, charity, environment, technology, etc. who have pledged to make the world a better place to live in. Considering his contributions to society, in association with MPJ Entertainment Production, Sahadat has been selected for the award “Inspiring Humanitarian Advocate of The Year” as a student for his social work in the sector ‘SDG-4: Quality Education’. He will be awarded this on 22nd November at Grand Ballroom Okada Manila in the Philippines.

The second award is the IGEN IVD Volunteer Recognition Award 2021 refers to the Institution of Green Engineers and support the United Nation International Volunteer Day (IVD). This award is given in association with the Noble institution for Environment peace recognizing volunteers and youth leaders showing high motivation to make a visible difference in society. He will be awarded the “Emerging Volunteer”, Individual Category in August 2022.

The third award is Kalam Youth Leadership Award 2022 for the ones doing exceptional service towards the society honored by the “KHWAB foundation” noticing their potential to offer a social transformation. Sahadat will be given this award for working in the SDG sector 13: Climate Action and SDG 4: Quality education on 27th July 2022 at Science Center Auditorium.

We wish him the best and want him to continue to excel in serving the people, the society, the environment, and work for the proper education of children. We are extremely proud of him!