A professional resume intends to present an overview of your expertise, competencies, and background. It can be utilized as a self-promotional tool in the hopes of securing an interview or an employment contract. It’s imperative to stand out from the crowd on a potential employer, and this guide will assist you to do just that.

Tricks to craft a perfect resume!

(1). Contemplate  aesthetics of your resume:

Does it appear to be visually appealing? Does it appear to be too cramped? Don’t be bothered if your resume fills more than one page, but your priority should be to finish within a single page. Make sure your lines are adequately spaced & pick an easy-to-read font (Tip: You can never go wrong with Times New Roman). Use labels to stand out and arrange content in a reverse chronological manner. Always make sure that your accomplishments are listed in the order of most recent to least recent. To get a picture of what you desire your resume to look like, play around with numerous resume styles in Microsoft Word Premium (Free for Vertos) or other free tools like Canva.

(2). First and foremost, include your name & contact information:

Make sure your name is legible and distinct from the rest of the resume. Also, make sure your phone number is accurate and up to date! Even if you have a spectacular resume, contact information should be accurate, pretty sure you don’t want your employer to have a hard time connecting with you.

(3). Prepare a subtle and concise professional summary:

Make an effort to present yourself as an open and friendly personality. Craft a short and concise elevator pitch. This section should include strong remarks about your professional career and achievements, but it’s also a good idea to inject some personality and character wherever possible.

Tricks to craft a perfect resume!

(4). Attach relevant links to your artistic works/blogs/documentaries:

Attach any relevant links on your LinkedIn page or just about every other online portfolio or website that you own. So, the recruiter can discover more about you. More background information can actually help recruiters get the hang of you and also as brilliant conversation starters.

(5). Customize your resume for every opportunity you apply for:

You might be thinking, “What?!?” What a pain! Well, you must  customize your resume for every application you apply for, but not from scratch!’ That would have been insane and excruciating. These days it’s challenging enough to find a job! You must have a basic template that you can easily customize and adjust for every job application. Especially if you have a strong desire to work for a specific organization or to achieve the desired goal.

(6). Add extracurricular activities:

Always include activities you’ve undertaken beyond your day-to-day responsibilities! It not only reveals recruiters a little bit more about you, but it also enables them to analyze that you demonstrate specific capabilities.

Tricks to craft a perfect resume!

(7). Proofread your resume:

Ultimately, do not forget to proofread your resume and check for grammatical errors. You don’t want yourself to be rejected right away because of poor grammar or vocabulary. Play safe, have a person look over your resume thoroughly to ensure that it sounds good and meets all of the requirements!