We are living in a world where the social status of a person is probably the second most important thing after the family. Everyone wants to create a good impression about themselves to others to create an impactful impression of their personality to others.

Thus in order to increase chances to raise your social status, these are some impactful methods you should consider practising:

1. Self-confidence

social statusWhen talking about your impression in society, confidence plays a major role in it. Even if someone has a lack of knowledge about the content, with the help of his self-confidence he can cover his lack of knowledge, also confidence is the primary weapon to make someone feel your presence strongly, also its very helpful when you are working in a team, because a person with high confidence level also channels his/her confidence and energy to others.

2. Verbal skills

social statusBeing active in society requires strong verbal skills. In order to improve this skill, you need to interact with more and more people. This gives us an idea of the overall mental level of the people surrounding you, besides it also helps in improving your language skills.

Also if you are living in college hostels, you might get the opportunity to interact with students belonging to different regions with different culture and thoughts, this will help in enhancing your overall verbal skills.


3. Non-verbal skills

social statusAlong with the verbal skills, one should also have the ability to use his/her non-verbal skills in front of others, but what exactly we mean by non-verbal skills? It’s a wide topic and this form of communication includes the use of gestures, eye contact, posture, and also body language are one of the most important parts of it.

Also in effective communication, the role of non-verbal communication is much more than your verbal communication.


4. Body language

social statusBody language, as it means the language of your body.

Yes, it plays a major role in creating an overall perspective in the mind of others about you, the way you interact with others, with proper posture and with the combination of hand gestures and expressions. It very well defines your personality and gives others an overview of how confident you are.

Here confidence and your body language both are interconnected as if you are confident your posture and body movements become more open and interactive as well, which enhances your body language. Also if you focus on maintaining a good level of overall physical appearance which makes you more interactive, this helps you build confidence in yourself.


5. Positive mindset

social statusOne should always remember that a person with good social status among the society always posses a positive vibe, it’s very important to have a positive approach in every situation, it also makes you look like a person who stands different in the crowd.

Also, keep in mind that attaining such level of mindset is a tough task, but to have such quality one needs to work hard on themselves.

All the above-mentioned tips can play a major role in growing your influence in society as well as individually, and this will help you to attain higher social status!.