Focusing on studies is quite difficult and full of struggle in this distraction era. You have course pressure, project loads and can’t manage to complete the given work on time. The common misconception about focusing is that everyone just wants to wholly concentrate on studies, but they don’t know that the art of focus and concentration works by a series of things.

Here are a few ways to work on yourself for increasing academic focus:


studiesThe major thing we forget to take care of is dealing with the distractions. Try to figure out your distraction medium it could be smartphone, tv, internet and even friends. Maintain as much distance as you can from those distractions at the time of studying. Switch off your phone, strictly tell your friends not to interrupt you during studies.


Proper Time and Location

studiesEvery person has their biological clock and their mind works perfectly at those certain time. Don’t force yourself to study particularly at night or day. Find your suitable timings in which you can easily grasp things. Also, find a neat location for studying. A well-organized table and surrounding will clear your thought process and block the distraction points. If you are not able to find any such places, then go to the college library.


Schedule and Breaks

studiesMany students when sat for studying stays there for long hours. This usually creates insipidness and decreases interest in subjects. You should properly schedule your daily study routines and include proper breaks. A break of 15 minutes is essential after 2 hours of study. Listen to music, try your hobbies to take a power nap during these breaks. Try to maintain the habit of writing the journal in the morning, it will help in systemizing your life.


Maintain Diet and Sleep

studiesGood health routines affect a major part of your memory and grasping power. Maintain a healthy diet plan for yourself. Try to eat healthy foods especially fruits throughout your day. Drink as much water as you can during sitting hours. This will help is increasing blood circulation and boosting your activeness. Your sleep duration may be variable form other. But try to take at least 6 hours of silent and deep sleep. It will clear your vision and help in learning new things.



studiesThis should be on top of your daily routine. Exercise has a lot of benefits but apart from fitness, it increases your blood circulation and stability power. Exercising every day will also boost your confidence and attitude. Achieving daily fitness goals motivates you to work and achieve new academics goals. Try to do at least half an hour of running or if not possible play any physical sports regularly.