Completed your high school, took admission into a university, lots of dreams on your mind and adrenaline rushing through your veins, then I have to say-

Welcome to the world of Freshers

‘Freshers’ is a term being commonly used for students who have just started their college life. Often there is a hype in the minds and a lot of expectations in the heart of freshers about their upcoming college life which remains unaddressed and unanswered.

So the sincerest attempts of this article would be to address these hypes and expectations frankly without any sugar-coating to gear up freshers for their upcoming journey:

How will be my college?

This hype would be accompanied by a set of questions-

  • Will I be able to fit and perform in the college?
  • Will I become nervous and screw things up?
  • Will my college life be interesting and memorable?
  • Will my college life be tough?
  • Will I be able to make myself?

Interestingly the common, concise answer to all these questions is – “YES”. The point to keep in mind is that a college is a place to learn and grow. Not only will your basket have achievements but also mistakes, not only high but also low. But eventually these pieces together would make you up and those moments would be memories.

I will do everything!

Hard gymming (six-pack abs), regular studies, weekend movies and hangouts, parties, sports, and what not!

Almost all of you would have a major subset of above options on your wish-list. Harsh but true you are never going to make time for all of these, not even close to it. So better to filter your list according to your priorities and goals.

Swoop into college, life is set!

A major misconception prevailing in our student community is that if you once enter into college, your life is set and you need not do much.

But the fact is that college life is a phase whose limits are infinite. More you learn, explore, experiment more you are making out of it. The moment you stop learning and working, you will be left behind and merely a college degree will not guarantee a successful professional life.

Have gotten a glance of fresher life, I would wish all of you an unforgettable journey lying ahead of you with these lines:

      College is your temple and learning is your prayer which you offer to none other than you.