* Occasion was an ultimate EDM celebration at LPU campus for students to shun nostalgia and get set for their professional programmes

A massive electronic dance & music (EDM) celebration was organized at Lovely Professional University (LPU) campus with globally recognized DJ Shaan Singh. The celebration titled as ‘Flaming Friday’ presented the zenith of dance and music for thousands of newly joining students to avoid any kind of nostalgic feelings.

Popularizing the EDM genre immensely among the youngsters, DJ Shaan developed a distinctive style for LPU students by bringing forth the best of electronic music and steps for them. Students continued shrieking, shouting, dancing on rhythms for hours together to get akin to the LPU environment. The campus got transformed into a favourite music destination as students continuously rocked and rolled with DJ Shaan Singh. LPU students indeed had an ultimate experience of melodies and dancing twists.

Along with the classy musical pourings, Shaan also motivated students to be different in life and not to chase easy glory. He also encouraged them by sharing about initial phases of his life as DJ/Producer. career at the age of 15 and debuted at Asia’s premier music festival Sunburn Goa 2010. As the youngest DJ to play in an international music festival, he quickly rose to become India’s most modern DJ.