Higher Studies or Job? Which will suit you better, which will influence your growth in your future better, which is the best option for you? Well, this is one such thing that always puts a student in a fix. Not to tell after the students reach the third year they get into serious worries that about this particular thing. And before they can judge what they should do, there are hundreds of pieces of advice coming to them from various directions making them confuse and then putting them into a fix.

One of the biggest misconceptions borne out of these pieces of advice is that, that if you want to go for research and development-oriented field, then one should think for higher studies or otherwise you should go for jobs. Though it seems logical to many people, in reality, this particular piece of advice doesn’t hold ground in the real practical world. Let us discuss each of them specifically.

Higher studies in simple terms mean that you will be going in a specific direction in the field which you have chosen during your graduation. Now this will further open up more avenues for you. Because after doing this you have not just only acquired additional knowledge of that stream but also specialized knowledge about a particular thing in that stream too. So now based on that you can either opt for a job in that specific field or you can further go into acquiring more knowledge in that stream, which means higher studies.

People need to understand that going for higher knowledge doesn’t always mean that the person is up for the research and development-oriented things, yes it is a part that also opens up but at the same time other avenues too. Also since you have specific acquired knowledge, this will enhance your CV and will increase your chances to get better job opportunities than that of a simple graduate in that very specific stream. And if you think your quench for knowledge hasn’t been completed yet, then yes definitely you can go for further higher studies. And yes even after that too one can opt for a job.

Furthermore, there are some streams which in reality demand higher degrees for a perfect job opportunity that can be availed from getting just a degree in some courses. Thus one just not has to see it as a knowledge increasing or enhancing thing but also a necessity for getting a job too, if anyone is focused solely on getting a job.

Now when it comes to joining a job just after completion of the degree, then the person must see the opportunities available to him/her after the very completion of the degree. Not all the industries in the market are as flourished as others. Every industry has its demands and requirement, and thus based on that if you think that this degree only can get your or land you in a perfect job, then no doubt you must proceed with the utter confidence. The basic idea which should behind choosing between these two should be based on the practical demands of the course which you are pursuing, the present and future needs of the industry which you are going to be associated with, and finally your interest. And based on that only one should choose whether one should be going for the Jobs or the Higher Studies.

Getting advice eases the pressure on you, but at the same time do also make sure that that advice is reliable and practical too.