The audience stands flabbergasted and the legend has struck again.

It was an exhilarating day which was long sought by all the aspiring public speakers. I could feel enthusiasm in the whole room. The elephant in the room was that the legend has arrived. The only people I could see was the excited people to my left who are hear to experience the tale of the legend a.k.a. the fans. To my right were the people who were here to learn. I don’t know where I stand but I surely admire and appreciate the work and the personality he is. The most-awaited person reached the venue. Along with him, there was his student who was going to introduce him to the crowd.

The legend is none other than Mr. Vishnu Chowdhary, the super anchor of Lovely Professional University and the mentor who has trained 1500+ students the art of communication. He has hosted numerous events at LPU and amazed people with his hard work and talent. He has represented LPU at multiple occasions and won numerous national-level competitions.

The workshop commenced with his charming words. According to Mr. Vishnu, there are some elements that govern your success in public speaking and conversationalist. “The introduction is one of the most crucial part of being an orator. You have to make sure you have a hook for audience. You can create suspense, do install recalls, etc techniques to achieve the hook. A good anchor always understands his/her audience. You can either be familiar with their ethnicity, educational qualifications, etc. You can also carry an audience questionnaire with you. The last but not the least is to leave an impact. Your USP can be confidence, command on language, personality, etc but all you need is for the audience to remember you.”

LPU has catered to a lot of students to unleash their creativity and help them achieve their dreams. Mr. Vishnu also recalled the time Division of Student Welfare, LPU, led him to the world of public speaking. Dr. Sorabh Lakhanpal sir was a big inspiration to him. The dreams do come true and Mr. Vishnu, the familiar voice, told everybody the mantra of making dreams come true with systematic plan and learnings in public speaking.