Well, the road to success is always laid down with a lot of failures and challenges in between. The most important thing in success is the journey. It is not the results that shape you but it is the journey that molds you into a successful person. There has been a lot of students whose journey in college gave them enough exposure and learnings to choose their way.

A serial entrepreneur and an Amazon Best Selling Author, LPU Alumni Durvesh Yadav has achieved great heights at a very young age. His book, “What They Don’t Teach Us”, has been supported by numerous Bollywood celebrities. He is the founder of the company “Rising Star Digital Media” which helps brands and companies grow using branding and marketing.

LPU has always been the best place to get exposure and see the world for what really it offers. The time at LPU for every student makes him/her independent and gives moments of epiphany. The experiences and the learnings that the campus environment provides are enormous. Every day is a learning for the students which empowers them to lead and live their lives on their own terms.

While interviewing with ‘YourStory’, Mr. Durvesh revealed that he was struggling in his college days to find the right things to do and achieve. He considered himself to be unfit for the education system for most of his life. He wanted to attain huge successes in his life. He started to read about famous personalities and this gave him the power to change. It was not only reading that enabled him on the path of success but also the application. He applied each and every concept and learning in real life. He was really influenced by the successful people on campus who were accomplishing a lot in their lives. This was not an easy journey for him. It took him 2.4 years to become who he is now. His vision was the thing that led him here and inspired many others to lead and change the world.

His book was an inspiration to all young minds. A writer enables the readers to experience his life. It is not an easy job to be a writer. A writer provides one part of his/her personality trait and trades it with the reader. It is an amazing feeling to be able to describe your feelings in words with each word carrying your emotions and feelings. The feelings that you had kept in your heart for your life. This is what Mr. Durvesh has been able to achieve.

Recently, he has been also recognized by “Bharat Youth Award 2021”, which identifies and recognizes youth leaders doing incredible work towards the betterment of society. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.